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As a long time comic book fan, I recently came across this site:

Its devoted to 'stupid comics' they come across. Why are they stupid? Bad artwork, bad writting, or just plan bad/stupid/idiotic concepts. (or all of the above)

Every week or so they put up a new one, and you can read past ones organize into categories.

A recent one that was pretty bad is found here:

This one looks at a black and white european comic called (I kid you not) "Love amoung Europe's creative class". Its an artistic interpretation of a couple of seminars (basically a half dozen people talking about something) that was part of a larger project about "Research Processes in the Arts". This particular one focused on "research processes and the analytic methods that allow decision-making in terms of categoric or systemic or traditional technique and the methodic categorization thereof".

The whole thing strikes me as utterly boring, and the whole concept stupid. As it does the people who do this site, who thoroghly skewer it. The whole 'conversation' reminds me of the leftist nonsense that certain 'intelligensia' seem to follow.


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