Is anyone concerned about the NAU, CFR ?


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Gigi; I have heard very little about the NAU. When I do it is poo-pooed as paranoia That makes me suspicious.

Chris, Yeah, It's been called "fearmongering" to even question it and the fact that there has been no congression involvement or oversite makes me very uncomfortable. Both the Prime Minister of Canada and the President of Mexico say it will be put in place as early as 2010. Bush has been silent, though he has been at these meetings and in conference with Robert Pastor of the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations). Giuliani via Bracewell and Giuliani , represent Cintra , the Spanish based consortium who want to build and own that super highway.....Two socialist countries + U.S. = The North American Union... Shouldn't we know more ?

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It's been called "fearmongering" to even question ...

Well, it would be if there were anything to fear. Those who are ignorant of history are condemned to repeat it... endlessly...

I remember a book called The Fearful Master about the United Nations, from about 40 years ago. After that it was None Dare Call It (Fill in the Blank). You know, even Robert Ludlum got in the act with The Materese Circle.

First of all, the assumption is that "other" countries are "more socialist" than "we" are. That would be fine, in and of itself, but you never hear of these anti-socialists advocating that the USA be "liberated" by the Caymen Islands, Switzerland or Liechtenstein. If you know anything about the Netherlands, you might wonder if they provide a paradigm.

Of course, among Objectivists there is the article of faith that America is the last and greatest and freest of all the nations in the history of the world. For myself, I do indeed prefer to live here. (I visited Switzerland once. That was enough.) But emotionalism (or inertia) aside, what constitutes an objectively free nation? Articles of faith aside, is there any reason to object to goods and services from Canada and Mexico entering the USA duty-free? I mean, laissez faire, right?

Conspiracies are real enough. Who killed Caesar? Who killed Kennedy? But when you get down to brass tacks, your life is not affected one way or the other... certainly MINE is not...

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