What is CATO Institute up to?


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This article is a very ugly smear and has no merit that I can see. Is this an official Ron Paul website?

The article is written by Melinda Pillsbury-Foster. I knew Melinda about 20 years ago. She and I were both on the board of the San Fernando Valley chapter of the LP at the time. As an interesting aside, I saw her ex-husband, Craig Franklin at Cato last weekend during the Atlas Celebration.

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Is this an official Ron Paul website?

Doesn't appear to be.

Line at the bottom of the page says: "An Online Grassroots Social network supporting Ron Paul". No info on who is behind this site, but this is not an official Ron Paul site. There are several of these out there.

The official Ron Paul site is www.ronpaul2008.com, which is run by the campaign committee.

He also has a website at the House of Representatives, as well as official YouTube Channel, MySpace, and Facebook.

I thought the article was a little strange to mention Reason magazine negatively at the begining, making it seem there is a link between Reason & Cato, which I don't believe there is.

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