New research in mammalian metabolism

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There is exciting new research in mammalian metabolism. Hydrogen sulfide has been used by researchers induce a state of hibernation in mice and pigs and then revive them. This avenue of research has tremendous promise in critical care. Possible future treatments have tremendous potential effects on critical care. A company called Ikaria is specializing in gas-induced anesthesia and metabolic treatments. These therapies if developed could usher a new era in critical care where patients with high blood loss can be saved through induced metabolic hibernation.

I have included an abstract below from the April 22, 2005 issue of Science. This was also covered in the June 2005 issue of Scientific American.


Business Week also had an article about a private equity financed deal to merge Ikaria, which is a pure research outfit with INO therapeutics, a company that focuses on therapeutics to help newborns breathe.


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I can see the weight loss commercials now. Go to sleep for three months and wake up skinny. Next they will have hibernation spas.

On the other hand this is good results from research, hopefully it can be usefull.


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