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The Fellowship of Reason

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Since someone posted a link to this fine place at my Eudaimonist's Euphoria e-list, I thought it would okay to post a few links here.

Eudaimonist's Euphoria

Eudaimonist's Euphoria is a nexus for travellers on a rational spiritual journey of self-examination, self-actualization, and self-esteem. Typical topics range from the theory to the practice of personal flourishing. This forum is moderated to ensure civil interaction.

Fellowship of Reason

The Fellowship of Reason ("FOR") is a reason-based ethical community; that is, a group of people united by the idea that reason provides the best guide for understanding reality and living the best life possible. FOR differs from faith-based organizations in that we believe each individual's purpose and success in life are derived from, and ultimately determined by, the individual - not a supernatural authority.

Also see:

Reclaiming Spirituality from Religion: Fall 1999 TOC Conference

Among the topics addressed were: the evidence that some people benefit from religion; the natural basis for spiritual needs; the use of environmentalism as a quasi-religious means of meeting spiritual needs; and secular humanism's experience with satisfying spiritual needs in a rational fashion.

Wilkinson Sculpture

Temple of Triumph

Quent Cordair Fine Art

The Objectivist Center

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It most certainly is OK.

I have been a bit busy recently with a thorny polemical issue that threw me behind in my other projects here, but I have looked over your site a bit and I like what I see. I intend to join and I predict that some good friendships will result over time.

My heartfelt welcome to OL to you and anybody else from your neck of the woods.

I will be in touch.


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That's a very friendly welcome. Thanks. I'll see you around.

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