Report: Amniotic fluid yields stem cells

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I received this ARI letter which is about stem cell research and touches on ethics and politics so I wasn't sure where it made sense to post it. This thread was the only one I found that dealt with stem cells but I might have missed a more appropriate thread.

Dear Subscriber:

We are happy to let you know that an ARI letter was published in the Irish Times and in the International Herald Tribune.

Here is the link to the letter at the International Herald Tribune:

Bush's stem cell veto

June 26, 2007

Contrary to the claims of President George W. Bush ("Bush will try to soften stem cell veto," June 21), there is nothing unethical about destroying embryos in the course of scientific research. An embryo is a potential, not an actual, human being, just as canvas is a potential, not an actual, work of art. It is a primitive cluster of cells, which is no more unethical to destroy than the cells that make up one's appendix.

Calling an embryo "human life" is an evasion of the distinction between a mass of undifferentiated cells in a test tube and an actual, living human being. Embryonic stem cell research could potentially improve the lives of millions. In an effort to obscure the anti-life consequences of his opposition to such research, the president cited new discoveries that suggest scientists might one day be able to create pluripotent cells from non-embryonic cells, supposedly making the "unethical" destruction of embryonic cells unnecessary.

But human welfare demands that scientists pursue every avenue that promises to realize the potential of stem cell technology--not abandon embryonic stem cell research in order to assuage faith- based objections.

We should praise this research for the life-enhancing breakthroughs it promises--and condemn the immoral attempt to return us to the Dark Ages, before science was liberated from the chains of religious dogmatism.

Dr. Keith Lockitch

Ayn Rand Institute

Irvine, California

PS: Published letters are often edited versions of the letters originally submitted, and the titles are usually chosen by the newspapers themselves.

Copyright © 2007 Ayn Rand® Institute. All rights reserved.

If you plan to use this letter, please let us know. Thank you.

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I was reading a new article in CNN today about Biden's assertion that GOP does not support stem cell research. I wanted to read the read the article you posted but the link is no longer valid.

I'm curious too, if most people share the ARI view on the research. I personally see this as a great medical step in curing so many of today's ailments, especially the elderly...

~ Shane

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I fixed the link and directed it to the same story in the Washington Post.

Obviously Objectivists in general are for stem cell research. So am I, within reason.

I have seen some of the fringe element talk about harvesting human embryos on embryo farms and surgically decorticating embryos during farming so they won't grow a mind, but will grow big enough so cells can be harvested for the organs needed at the time. Some organs would require older embryos and others younger.

I recently read that scientists are starting to obtain stem cells from skin, so all this should become academic over time. Still, science is science and creepy is creepy. Selfishness is not an excuse to treat human life as a triviality, even in the conception stage. (btw - I am for abortion. I am just not for taking it lightly.) Unfortunately, Objectivism often bears the reputation of its more boneheaded practitioners.

By the standard of embryo farms, it is just a hop and a skip to cannibalism. After all, why bury good meat when you can eat it and there is hunger in the world?

(Dayaamm! Just the thought of that makes me shiver...)


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Very interesting article!

It seems that the scientific community will find ways around the walls that oppose such advances. Of note, anything that helps bring all mindsets to a balance on touchy subjects is worth the venture. Maybe the walls won't go up so quick, or at all.

Thanks for fixing the link.

~ Shane

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