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Tomorrow morning (Sun.) I leave un-bright and early (6 am) for a 2-week tour of Arizona with my favorite jazz band, The Side Street Strutters, of which it has been my privilege and delight to be a member for the past three years of out of town performances. (At Disneyland, they use a different trombone player, because I am a member there of the Disneyland Band.)

I will take along my laptop with wireless Internet, so I should be able to follow our doings on almost a daily basis, but my ability to interact will be somewhat restricted, due to traveling and performing schedules.

On this tour, we are doing mainly school clinics and concerts at retirement centers. In mid-February we will fly to Florida to perform with the Orlando Symphony. Overall, this year will not be as busy as the past two years, but there will be some neat gigs from now through July.

For those interested in soaking up a little background information about the band, here is a link:

I have a bio-blurb here:

And I appear in the last picture (with Dick Van Dyke) here:

Thanks for all the stimulating discussion, everybody -- and thanks for helping to make ObjectivistLiving such a life-giving haven from the you-know-what being put out by the you-know-who!


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Go tear it up, Roger!! Make sure you have lots of rotary valve oil- it's hard to get in the backwoods... #-o

I'm about to go active again, as well. We took a year off to write, but we just got signed with an agent, and he put us out there WAY before we thought. We're going to be pounding the NE OH market, 2-3 times a month starting this Saturday, which is a lot, because we are all full-time professionals; The drummer runs the food service end of Baldwin-Wallace College, the singer is a speech pathologist, the violinist is a teacher, the bassist is a policeman, and I'm in the "Number One" (as in Star Trek) position in a family property and business empire. Proceeds from the performances are going to recording costs for our album.

Here's a little myspace spot I whored out into a temp band site:

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Hey, Barbara, if anything noteworthy happens out here, I'll let you know!

Thanks for the advice, Rich. I packed ample slide lubricant before I left, knowing that Arizona is such a wilderness! (I'm in Scottsdale right now, which is the home of the notorious free-market fire protection service that Libertarians used to point to as alternatives to government services.)

Primitive as it is, though, the Scottsdale Conference Center is affording us free high speed internet service, which is a breeze compared with my dial-up service at home. :-)

Most of my time is free on this tour, so I'm reading a new book on Rachmaninoff by Max Harrison (2005) and writing a transcription arrangement for the Disneyland Band on John Williams' overture to "The Cowboys" (c. 1970 movie). At least, I'm supposed to be! But I have a few posts to make here on Objectivist Living first....


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