Residential video telephony may be next big thing!

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CompUSA is closing a number of its stores to reduce overhead as they are in high rent districts and costly to keep open. One of them is in Natick near Framingham MA and i suspect that the others which are closing are having deep discount sales.

I bought a Shadow Ojo there today. The Shadow Ojo has a beautiful black satin finish and is dedicated to video calls with other Ojos for highest quality but is interoperable with other video phones as well.

The Shadow Ojo has an MSRP of $399 and was on sale for $299 before the closeout sale. The computer rang it up as $180 plus local MA tax. What a deal! It comes in a box with a large picture of the Shadow Ojo on each face. I showed it to other customers who were intrigued and awed by it, especially details such as the large LCD screen, the high resolution of 30 frames per second on low data flow of 100 kilobytes per second. The most appealing for those with high long distance phone bills is the flat monthly low rate of just $9.95 for UNLIMITED VIDEO TELEPHONE CALLS OVER BROADBAND CABLE OR DSL WORLDWIDE AT ALL TIMES. Two other great features are the AUDIO SYNCHRONY at all times even over long distances because the voice travels digitally tightly bound to the video and the fact that the company, WorldGate Services, can download enhancements and new features over the internet for no charge. It did so with up to twenty minutes of video messaging so far.

No per minute charge. Talk all you want. Leave the line open. Visit with friends or relatives or loved ones. You do need one at each end so the current sale is an opportunity to get two for less than $400. HSN is offering dual packs of the Shadow for $499.

I believe that over one hundred CompUSA stores may be closing as we speak and are having closeout sales.


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Has anyone taken the trouble to look at this product perhaps online at

Has it occurred to anyone that this gadget would enable you to actually see a loved one or friend who lives at a distance? I might add using the Ojo would save on long distance phone bills especially those with per minute charges and overseas calls.

The Ojo would set you back just $9.95 per month for UNLIMITED VIDEO TELEPHONE CALLS over broadband cable or DSL. No per minute charges. Flat monthly rate.

I bought one myself. It is easy to set up and it WORKS as if the person you are calling is sitting right there across from you. It is more like a visit and you can talk all you like for flat monthly payment of less than $10 bucks.


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Some wise person bought up however many Shadow Ojos were still in stock at the CompUSA stores which are closing in Massachusetts, so the Natick, Brighton and North Attleboro stores are sold out of the Ojo.

There are a number of online etailers which carry the Ojo at a discount to the MSRP.

The least expensive and quite reliable establishments include and www.the where you might enter ojo in their search box.

Amazon also carries the Ojo. which is the same site as carries both models at a discount to the MSRP. WorldGate is putting up a new website soon.

In my wildest dreams advocates of Objectivism make a killing on their WGAT investment and become wealthy enough to be in a better position to devote more time and energy if so inclined to help spread Objectivism.

I know it is just a dream. But an insider at the company who is a Director did buy sixty thousand shares recently so I assume he knows something suggesting that good news is coming and the stock will go up and keep going up from its bargain basement price of $0.67 close on Thursday.


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Worldgate released a Press Release today in which they announced that they have developed a way to facilitate Ojos being signed up with the various service providers with whom WGAT has been in negotiations. I may not be saying it quite correctly so here is the link to the PR:

Investors are excited by this development as it should enable completion of contract negotiations as one of several benefits.

The stock which had been driven down in recent weeks to as low as 65 cents a share closed up the last few sessions and closed today 4/16 at 79 cents a share.

Be reminded that SNAP ( is on verge of shipping Ojos to hearing impaired and deaf subscribers some of whom have been testing the Ojo and their testimonials are quite positive.

Also an infomercial is being produced and should be released and shown on TV in the near future. We also await a Home Shopping Network HSN sale of the Ojo probably on an Electronics segment or one devoted to gadgets. The Ojo is already on the HSN Electronics page listed as a Customer Pick.

In addition several deals have been signed with communications companies worldwide, including companies in Japan, Russia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Israel, Turkey, Great Britain, Panama, Costa Rica, Columbia, etc, and with Global Touch which services VOIPs.

The Ojo is available at several brick and mortar retail stores across the country including Hammacher Schlemmer, RCS Electronics, J&R, Frye, CompUSA, Myer Emko, and others. See more complete listing at

The Ojo and the Shadow Ojo are available at a number of online retailers including,,, and many more.

The company's burn rate exceeds its revenue so far but revenue has been growing each quarter. I suggest you read the Prospectus available at under Investor Relations section, then SEC documents, 10k there.

Although there are ways for people to use PCs with webcams to see each other free of charge, not counting the cost of the PC and the internet service charges, the Ojo does not require a PC at all, just a high speed Broadband cable or DSL connection, has an arguably better picture and sound, and can be used anywhere in your home using your electrical system with special easily available internet network extenders (Netgear or Homeplug) which just adds a cost of $99 for the two ethernet cables.

There is a monthly fee of just $9.95 for Unlimited Video Calls over broadband at any time and wherever in the world one has access to the broadband internet which is virtually everywhere nowadays. One can even save a month's charge by paying annually.

Enhancements can and have been downloaded by the company to Ojos such as video messaging. Such downloads promise to continue and have been free.

This product, judging by the high degree of satisfaction of those who already own and use the Ojo at home and in business, has a staggering upside potential which may rise exponentially as sales increase and acceptance in the marketplace increases awareness of it.

A little boy tried to pet a dog through the Ojo as the picture is profoundly realistic. Grandparents love the Ojo because they can watch their grandchildren grow up and see them more frequently than otherwise possible if they live at a distance. One owner checks on his father who is in a nursing home halfway across the country, every day. Parents who are in early stage of dementia are much more likely to recognize their grown child on the Ojo than on a traditional phone call.

The possibilities and benefits are endless. The Ojo saves travel time by enabling visits with a low flat monthly rate and saving on gas. Feel free to ask me any questions you might have about the Ojo and the Shadow Ojo.


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Hi fellow Ayn Rand admirers,

Here is the latest marketing endeavor by WorldGate Comm with today's press release:

Press Release Source: WorldGate Communications, Inc.

This Year, Don't Just Tell Mom You Love Her, Show Her With Ojo™

Wednesday April 25, 11:31 am ET

Sign up For Two Years of Service, and Receive an Ojo Shadow Personal Video Phone

TREVOSE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--For husbands, sons and daughters who want to give their wives and mothers something new and exciting for Mother's Day, WorldGate Communications today announced a special Mother's Day offer for Ojo. This year, don't just tell Mom you love her, show her with an Ojo personal video phone (

Sign up for two years (24 months) of UNLIMITED Ojo video phone calls for just $19.95 a month, and receive an Ojo Shadow Personal Video Phone at no additional cost


Here is one person's experience ordering Ojos from

WOW, The deal is even BETTER than advertised! 25-Apr-07 10:10 pm

I just got off the phone with Ojo Sevices and picked up a couple of more Ojo's. If you pay up front for the year they take off a month so it's only $219.95! Then $219.95 next year. You save $40 on the 2 year agreement. Shipping is only $10. Nice!



Now we just need to advertise this offer so everyone becomes aware of it! The stock went up to seventy one cents a share, up four cents for the day. This may prove to be quite a bargain if this wonderful product becomes ubiquitous worldwide as it should.


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WorldGate already holds a US Patent for Design and now another patent has been granted:

United States Patent Application 20050073574

Kind Code A1

Krisbergh, Hal M. ; et al. April 7, 2005

----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Videophone system and method


System and method for providing personal videotelephony in which a plurality of videophones are connected to a communications network that is configured for transmitted video and audio communications. Each of the videophones typically includes a camera, display device, telephone keypad, speaker and microphone all of which are operatively connected. The videophones further include means for selectably receiving and transmitting signals over the communications network, which signals represent images and/or sound, and for selectably displaying the signals representing any received signals representing the images on the display screen, and for playing any received signals representing the sounds on said speaker. Means are also provided for selectably accessing a remote location, such as, but not limited to, another videophone, using information entered or selected by a user of the videophone, and to retrieve the signals representing the images and sounds being transmitted from the remote location. In one or more embodiments the present invention further includes at least one networks operation center to store information related to the operation of the videophones and to facilitate the operation of the videophones.

----------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------

Inventors: Krisbergh, Hal M.; (Meadowbrook, PA) ; Augenbraun, Joseph E.; (Princeton, NJ) ; Jesup, Randell E.; (Malvern, PA) ; Gort, Randall J.; (Malvern, PA) ; Reavy, Maire D.; (Malvern, PA) ; Kannan, Navneeth; (Westford, MA) ; Blackmon, Whitney D.; (Holland, PA) ; Westerfer, Richard W.; (Lower Gwynedd, PA) ; Wachob, David E.; (New Hope, PA)

Correspondence Name and Address: William A. Blake

Jones, Tullar & Cooper, P.C.

Eads Station

P.O. Box 2266





Serial No.: 674789

Series Code: 10

Filed: October 1, 2003

U.S. Current Class: 348/14.01; 348/14.03; 348/E7.071; 348/E7.081; 348/E7.083

U.S. Class at Publication: 348/014.01; 348/014.03

Intern'l Class: H04N 007/14

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The Company will conduct a conference call on Monday, April 30, 2007 at 4:15 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time to discuss the issuance of this patent. The conference call telephone number is (800) 274-0873. The conference ID is 2381246. A replay of the conference call will be available for one week after the call on the WorldGate website at under Investor Relations

WorldGate Receives Notice of Allowance of a Patent for its Ojo Video PhoneLast update: 4/27/2007 1:41:13 PMTREVOSE, Pa., Apr 27, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- WorldGate Communications, Inc. (WGAT) - a leading provider of personal video phones and related technology today announced that it has received a notice of allowance of its patent application for a video phone system and method. This application, containing 39 claims, all of which have been allowed, describes a video phone system as well as a method for making video phone calls. As originally filed, this application contained 73 claims. The balance of the 34 claims were declared by the U.S. Patent Office to describe two separate inventions, and accordingly these claims were re-filed as two additional patent applications which are currently still pending. These additional applications relate to video telephony apparatus using plural networks and the use of video telephony apparatus to deliver information services. "We are very excited about the allowance of this application since it validates our pioneering efforts in the field of video telephony," stated Hal Krisbergh, Chairman and CEO of WorldGate. Krisbergh further stated, "We worked very hard to develop a video phone that for the first time delivered a quality video communication experience in a cost effective and easy to use manner, and we believe the allowed claims in this application broadly describe such a video telephony system and give WorldGate significant intellectual property protection." The Company will conduct a conference call on Monday, April 30, 2007 at 4:15 PM Eastern Daylight Saving Time to discuss the issuance of this patent. The conference call telephone number is (800) 274-0873. The conference ID is 2381246. A replay of the conference call will be available for one week after the call on the WorldGate website at .

If you want to see the original patent application here is the link:

Stock up today, April 27, 2007 to close at 81 cents a share. (still a bargain!)

Imagine how many Ojos might be sold with the Mother's Day promo of a "free" Ojo Shadow with a two year contract of just $19.95 a month! Reality will show, naturally. Think Reardon Metal!

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Be sure to read the post above about the patent.

Below is a statement by SNAP VRS ( earlier this month:

April 10/07

We are receiving a very positive response to the Ojo videophone. Testing is taking longer than we would have hoped due to regulations set by the FCC at the same time we came into business that require the Ojo to communicate with old technology. This is more complicated than it may seem. The Ojo is very advanced technology which we are excited to bring to the Deaf community, yet we are still testing its ability to communicate with existing VPs in the marketplace. Testing is going very well and we should be done soon.

We cannot disclose to you the number of subscribers we have at this time. This is proprietary and confidential information. However, I can tell you that there are many more applicants than we expected to have at this point and we are very excited about this!

Thanks for your interest in Snap!VRS

The SNAP deal should lead to a boost for Wgat and publicity for the Ojo. Coupled with the Mother's Day promo: sign a two year contract for $19.95 a month and receive a free Shadow Ojo, will help the cause!


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[Mother's Day promo of a "free" Ojo Shadow with a two year contract of just $19.95 a month!]

This promo may only be good if you call and ask for the Mother's Day special on or before Mother's Day.

Conference Call to discuss first quarter revenue and all other questions expected in one more week.

I will post actual date, time and numbers as soon as they are announced.


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Electronic Retailer HSN to Debut Ojo™ Video Phones


May 3, 2007

TREVOSE, Pa., May 03, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

WorldGate Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: WGAT) - a leading provider of personal video phones and related technology announced today that its Ojo Video Phone will debut on electronic retailer HSN, bringing the video phone experience to millions of HSN customers. The Ojo Shadow Video Phone may be purchased online today at and viewers will be able to experience the Ojo Shadow Video Phone first hand with the expected product debut on Friday May 4th at 8 am, EDT, on HSN.

The Ojo Shadow, WorldGate's latest entry in video calling, is as simple to use as a telephone and just as easy to install. With the purchase of the Ojo Shadow, HSN customers will be able to see family and friends from the comfort of their homes. Ojo's smooth, clear video and sound makes you feel as if you're sitting right next to the person.

"HSN is an important piece of our retail strategy as we expand the availability of Ojo for connecting families and friends," said Hal Krisbergh, Chairman and CEO, WorldGate. "Having this multi-channel retailing giant offer Ojo is testimony to their confidence in the Internet-based video telephone experience Ojo brings to their marketplace."

WorldGate also announced that it is now connecting customers in 56 countries worldwide. With broad popularity and word of mouth appeal, Ojo has been embraced by an extended family of Ojo video phone subscribers around the world.

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On Thursday, May 3, 2007 in the Business Day section of the NYTimes a full page ad for J&R Computer World appeared on page C8. diredtly across from it there appeared on the bottom of page C9 a one third of a page ad for the Ojo PVP900 Personal Video Phone also by J&R.

It featured a smiling young girl standing in front of a Shadow Ojo which showed the smiling face of a woman who might be her grandmother. The girl was holding up a drawing of a flower she had made for mother's day for her grandmother to see.

As a Mother's Day special both models of the Ojo were offered with instant rebates reducing the cost of the Ojo to $349.99 and the Shadow Ojo to $269.99. effective through 5/09/07.

To place an order and or to get a free catalog call 1800 221 8180 order code THNT 0503 Its not too late to order a couple and if you BUY NOW you get first three months of free service for Unlimited Video calls and free ground shipping in Continental USA . Monthly service fee is normally $14.95 but is reduced to $9.95 before june 30.

See the Ojos at with info on features and specs.

All you need is a broadband connection to internet. No PC needed.

You know 2007 is the year of internet video telephony. In a couple of years virtually everyone will have a video telephone in their home to use to keep in better touch with relatives, friends and loved ones or for business uses. The higher the price of gas goes the more appealing a video telephone will be. It might get more expensive to drive to visit relatives who live at a distance but the video phone will enable you to "visit" for a flat monthly rate for unlimited video calls over broadband anywhere in the world where broadband can be found, meaning virtually everywhere.

WorldGate also announced that it is now connecting customers in 56 countries worldwide. With broad popularity and word of mouth appeal, Ojo has been embraced by an extended family of Ojo video phone subscribers around the world.

galt :heart:

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If by any chance you might be interested in seeing the Ojo demonstration which appeared on Home Shopping Network last Friday morning on the Sunrise segment 8AM

They make a video available on for one week. It is still available for purchase.

It is a pretty good deal. two Shadow Ojos in the box. You don't have to pay a service charge for the first three months either.

This gives you time to discuss with spouse and loved one with whom you would want to "visit."

It is only necessary to have a broadband cable or DSL internet connection and a compatible modem or router. (most are, compatibility can be checked at

There is no up front cost for the phones if you were to buy them from if you contact them and ask about the Mother's Day special. their phone number is found at You only have to commit to two years of service at $19.95 a month.

The usual monthly charge was $14.95 but is temporarily $9.95 until the end of June.''

So you may want to see the Demo at HSN where the cost is $499 for two Shadow Ojos but consider buying at and get just one Shadow Ojo for the two year commitment. Your friend or relative would have to do the same and make the two year commitment for $19.95 to get their Shadow Ojo for no up front charge.

After the two years the monthly service charge will come down to whatever they are charging at the time.


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TREVOSE, Pa.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--WorldGate Communications, Inc. (NASDAQ: WGAT), a leading provider of personal video phones, today announced its financial results for the first quarter ended March 31, 2007.

Recent Highlights:

The first quarter of 2007 was marked by continued technology and marketing advancements for our Ojo video phone that enhance our leadership position in the video telephony market and facilitate deployment of our products by service operators and consumers.

Key recent operating highlights during and subsequent to the first quarter include:

* Announced that the Company had received a notice of allowance of its patent application for a video phone system and method. This application, containing 39 claims, all of which have been allowed, describes a video phone system as well as a method for making video phone calls.

* Announced extended Ojo capability to interoperate with various video phones and soft clients using previous generation communications protocols and video and audio codecs, specifically, enabling Ojo to communicate with video phones using H.263 and G729 video and audio codecs and enabling utilization of the H.323 communications protocol. This added functionality also provided the ability for video phone calls to be made between an Ojo and PCs with webcam capabilities.

* Adopted Texas Instruments Incorporated’s (TI) DaVinci™ technology for the next generation of the Ojo personal video phone to reduce overall system cost while getting to market quickly with advanced functionality.

* Developed a new Service Provider Package that allows Ojo video phones to be more quickly and easily adapted to their networks around the world using a wide variety of technology platforms.

* Launched an exciting promotion for Mother’s Day featuring two years (24 months) of unlimited Ojo video phone calls for $19.95 a month and including an Ojo Shadow Personal Video Phone at no additional cost.

* Debuted Ojo video phone on Home Shopping Network, introducing the video phone experience to millions of HSN customers.

* Featured Ojo on FOX’s “Good Day New York”, during a Mother’s Day technology gift segment, titled “Mom-Friendly Technology”, hosted by’s Steve Greenberg.

* Featured Ojo on the cover of Hello Direct's February 2007 catalog, which marked an aggressive launch of the Company's efforts toward the enterprise market.

Management Comments

During the past quarter the Company has taken several steps to increase the competitive advantage of Ojo and facilitate the deployment of its products. First, we developed software enhancements that allow Ojo to be interoperable with various video phones and soft clients using previous generation communications protocols and video and audio codecs. This allows service providers to upgrade to the higher quality available with Ojo while still being compatible with video phones the service operator may currently have deployed, thereby offering a genuine path to upgrade their overall offering. Second, the Ojo functionality we have added provides the ability for video phone calls to be made between Ojo and PCs with web cam capabilities. This again facilitates the selection of Ojo by end users in their purchase of telecommunication devices and by service operators interested in the implementation of a video phone strategy. Further toward this end, we have developed a new Service Provider Package that allows Ojo video phones to be more quickly and easily adapted to their networks around the world, which use a wide variety of technology platforms.

The Company also received a notice of allowance of its patent application for a video phone system and method. This application, containing 39 claims, all of which have been allowed, describes a video phone system as well as a method for making video phone calls. The patent furthers our competitive advantage and provides additional basis for service providers selecting Ojo video phones when determining their video phone platform.

“The developments we have accomplished in the area of interoperability and with our service provider implementation package, coupled with Ojo’s unmatched quality and our increased patent portfolio, continues to add to our competitive advantage in video telephony and provides compelling arguments for choosing Ojo,” said Hal Krisbergh, Chairman and CEO of the Company. “Although our sales for the quarter were low, in part reflecting a deferral of some orders, we believe the developments we have announced will contribute to increased activity in the upcoming quarters. We are currently in active discussions with eight VoIP and CLEC providers and over a dozen cable, telco, and ISP providers worldwide and hope to announce the closure of agreements with several of these potential customers in the next few weeks and months. We also expect that a number of the agreements we have previously concluded, including those with Aequus, British Telecom (BT), ISR (Israel) and Payment Systems (Russia), will shortly begin to provide increased deployment as the infrastructure, and appropriate testing and accreditation of Ojo on their platforms is completed,” continued Mr. Krisbergh.

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No argument about the stock. However the product is sensational and the testimonials for the Ojo are outstanding. People who own the Ojo and use it to 'visit' with loved ones and friends are quite pleased with it.

It is tough to succeed with a new technology in a realm where previous attempts in video telephony have not measured up. The Ojo does deliver with smooth motion and audio synchrony.

Then it takes time to find acceptance by the huge telcos and cables but WGAT is doing that and has signed contracts with major communications companies around the world already and others in advanced negotiations.

I am not advocating purchase of either the Ojo or the stock in WGAT here. I just want to make fellow Objectivists aware of both, especially the Ojo which they might find appealing to have in their own lives.

This company has accomplished what AT&T was unable to do despite spending many millions of dollars in research and experimentation over many years. Still it may fail and go bankrupt. It has barely enough cash now to last two more quarters. But within the next quarter finalized deals may manifest themselves with orders sufficient to establish a cash flow to make them profitable. If so ...

Here is a link to the first quarter 2007 conference call from last Friday:

I do appreciate your feedback. I agree the stock was only of value to shorts so far. The future may be another story. The product has to be seen to be appreciated. Read the testimonials at under electronics for the ojo where the Ojo is a customer pick.

Better still, go to, the company's new website and find the testimonials there as well as the "ojosodes" which will give you an idea of what the Ojo experience is like and its many uses will be hinted at.


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Below are several testimonials from the Home Shopping Network website where they offer two Shadow Ojos for $499 and where the Ojo is a "customer pick" in the Electronics section. One Shadow Ojo lists for $299 at the company website. May be less expensive online or at ebay. Stock in WGAT plummeted to 48 cents a share on heavy volume over 1M but came back to 53 cents on 300K. SNAP deal still awaiting shipment and interoperability testing First quarter revenue was down but there was deferred revenue. in which CEO remains confident but cannot reveal what he knows An insider did purchase more shares recently Product is great, see below testimonials, stock is high risk, but 2007 may be the year of video telephony, then again it may not.

Customer Reviews

review this product 7 reviews Average Rating 5.0

Ojo is simply the best! (Peggy, MI) 05/07/2007

Our family is spread out in several states with my daughter in Pennsylvania and my son in Florida and we talk on Ojo daily, it''s like you''re in the same room. Ojo is simple to use even at age 78 and it acts just like a regular telephone. I frequently demonstrate the phone to friends that stop over and a few of them have bought for the same reason I did.

The OJO - what a great phone!!! (Sharon, MN) 05/04/2007

I love my OJO video phone- I wouldn''t want to be without it! The audio and video are perfectly synchronized, so it is like being in the same room with the person you are calling. It''s not just a conversation, it is a personal visit!! My family lives across the state and across the continent and the OJO allows us to maintain a much closer see and hear each''s the closest thing to reaching out and giving a hug!

We bought 2 OJOs last month so we could see our (louis, FL) 04/12/2007

daughter in college. My wife see and talks to her everyday, as if she never left home. We are 1200 miles apart yet it feels like she''s in the room with us. The kids in her dorm think this is the coolest phone and are wanting the same for themselves. I My brother in Israel bought 3 to take back with him last month for his family members and now Joseph and I can see each other all the time. What a great product. The picture is perfect and the audio is excellent.

The Jetsons are here now! (Farmer Jack, WV) 04/07/2007

Now, my wife and I are able to SEE our grandson grow up! We get an Ojo call when he loses a tooth or something significant happens. Plus, in August, my daughter''s boyfriend asked my permission to marry her...using the Ojo. This may sound tacky, but if you''ve ever used the Ojo, you''d think it was completely normal. It''s just like being across a table from someone.

Fantastic (Bill, FL) 04/05/2007

Everybody in my family owns an OJO. We are spread out all over the country and its amazing how well we now stay in touch. My parents don''t own a computer and they love using the OJO. Great product!

I own 3 OJOs and use one of them to talk and see (Laurie, FL) 03/23/2007

my son in college. This is the best video phone on the market. The picture is clear, the audio is perfect and the image is large. We can sit and talk to each other for hours, simultaneously looking at our PCs, shopping together on EBAY or giving the feeling they are still home with us.The other one my son uses to talk to his friend at another University. We love this!!

Great product; well worth the cost. (John, PA) 03/16/2007

I purchased 4 Ojo shadows. one for my home and the other three for out of state family. The Ojo''s picture quality and voice are crystal clear and in perfect sync; just like a television picture. Our children send and receive Ojo calls to/from their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins several times a week. If you want to stay in touch with family and friends, Ojo is a great product. Highly recomended!

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What will this product be worth to its owners if the company goes out of business? It seems no more sensical to buy this for $500 than to buy 1000 shares of the stock for the same price. In fact, the stock might be a much better deal.


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>>>"What will this product be worth to its owners if the company goes out of business? It seems no more sensical to buy this for $500 than to buy 1000 shares of the stock for the same price. In fact, the stock might be a much better deal."<<<


Actually the product is quite valuable to those who already own one or more and who appreciate how communicating with loved ones has been enhanced because of the Ojo.

As i have indicated in previous posts one can obtain an Ojo for no upfront cost if willing to commit to paying $19.95 per month for two years. There is normally a monthly fee of $9.95 so the additional expense is nominal.

The only catch here is that one has to have someone in this world who means enough to yourself, and vice versa, so that one would use and appreiciate frequent "visits."

That is why I think this will be a success. The world is filled with such people to whom others matter.

Those who use free SKYPE on their computer are often disappointed with it because of inferior quatlity, absence of lipsync, and that it ties up their computer for calls. When they use the Ojo they are invariably sold on the Ojo's superiority.

It is not unusual for start ups to require financing until they become cash flow positive. This product is superb, it has patents on design and its video system, its price keeps coming down, customer satisfaction is high, monthly fee is peanuts compared to long distance international phone calls, it has won awards at the Consumer Electronics Show, Best of Innovations, there are now two models with additional models being created, enhancements can be and have been downloaded to existing owners, e.g. up to twenty minutes of video messaging, the picture is at eye level for face to face encounter with audio synchrony making for a profoundly realistic picture, etc.

It remains a Wow product. I do consider it in the category of Reardon Metal in at least one respect, it has to overcome resistance to its acceptance as a new way of doing something which has been tried by major companies who spent many millions on trying to do what WGAT has achieved.

Its cost will come down even further as it incorporates the latest Texas Instrument's digital processing unit, called DaVinci in newer models.

Yes there is a risk that it may not succeed as the company may not be able to raise enough money to continue in business. That is only one of many risks spelled out explicitly in the Prospectus available on the WORLDGATE website, under SEC documents. No one should buy stock in this company until they have read the Prospectus and understand the risks.

As I have indicated i primarily want to make fellow Objectivists aware of the Ojo, not the stock. Naturally I have an interest in the stock performance myself because I do own shares and have added recently. One of the company directors also recently added substantially to his stock holding. The success of this company will not depend on whether a handful of readers here buy the product. In order for the company to succeed it will have to sell hundreds and millions of Ojos around the world. There are fifty six countries in which Ojos have sold and are being used. The company has deals with communications companies on every continent. As other entities enter the video telephony market they will only enhance the acceptance of video telephony and the Ojo will be able to attract its share of the market which is enormous.

I encourage anyone who might be interested in exploring the Ojo product, not the stock, to visit to see it there, visit to see it there, visit to see it there, visit click on electronics then customer picks, to see it there.

At the site you can find out if there is a retailer near you where you might see an Ojo in person and see it used.

If you think you would like to be able to see your loved ones, parents, siblings, children, friends or business associates, it is worth a look

As self serving as I may sound remember that one can offer to help others in a non self sacrificial way if they are in one's hierarchy of values, as Objectivists are to me. I have found something of value to me and just want to enlighten others who may find it of value to them. I have no idea whether the company will ultimately succeed or become profitable. I am not encouraging anyone to invest in the stock. I expect that if the company goes out of business that the rights to the product and its patents will be sold and the service willl continue by the new owner. When I spoke with with whom one registers your phone number for your Ojo, the fellow there said that the Ojo is selling, has been selling, that he talks with people all over the world who own an Ojo, and he believes the company would have gone out of business if the Ojo were not selling a long time ago.


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if you want to get an idea what the Ojo video telephone is capable of and how appealing it is to people who have bought Ojos to enable them to keep in touch with loved ones check out the ojosodes which have been posted on the website:

Here is the link:

Notice that a couple of them use satellite rather than broadband cable or DSL.

Also notice that once someone experiences the remarkable quality of the Ojo that they spread the word.


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In my effort to endeavor to keep readers of this thread up to date of the goings on i want to mention a couple of things which happened today.

Worldgate Communications accepted a new board of directors member who is a shareholder who built up a stake of over 3M shares representing over nine percent of outstanding shares. there is a press release on the

site about this gentleman who lives in Venezuela and is a business man who evidently shares the vision and enthusiasm of shareholders like myself who consider this product to be revolutionary and very promising with potential to make a modest investment life changing if and when the Ojo becomes ubiquitous.

SNAP also issued a press release today announcing that they gave two free Ojos to a subscriber within the deaf community and assuring others that thousands have applied for a free Ojo and that as soon as interoperability issues are resolved Ojos will be shipped. PR can be seen at


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WorldGate Comm announced deals with communications companies including British Telecomm, Israel Comm, Mototech in Taiwan, Novatech in Japan, Express Telecomm in Russian, Global Touch for VOIPs, SNAP/VRS for Deaf, and others which are in various stages of negotiation.

Here is a link to an Internet Service Provider called Intersonics in England whic uses British Telecomm lines. Shareholders expect that BT is close to a launch of the Ojo to its customers in 66 countries around the world:

The stock price is at a two year low of forty eight cents a share and is high risk because they only have enough cash on hand to cover expenses for another two or three months. Financing for additional funds in being sought. The CEO stated that he is confident in the future of the company asserting there is plenty of activity with additional deals and anticipated orders to occur shortly.

I just think that the product is sensational which is no guarantee of success. I hope that anyone who has a loved one who lives at a distance might find this Ojo video telephone to be a boon.

Given the state of the economy gold and silver are undoubtedly safer investments.


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Gentle readers,

Just in case any of you know anyone who is either deaf or hearing impaired you might want to make them aware of a special offer of a free video phone being offered by SNAP (

The Ojo phone has received rave reviews from deaf and hearing impaired folks who were involved in the testing process. The Ojo enables them to use either American Sign Language or to read lips. The picture on the Ojo has smooth motion and audio synchrony and operates over broadband cable or DSL or certain satellites.

SNAP is accepting applications and once interoperability issues are resolved shortly will begin to ship Ojos. More info on the Ojo available at and


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Here is a link to the website of Global Touch with whom WorldGate Comm has a signed contract to include the Ojo in its offerings to VOIP companies with which it does business.

Global Touch is also a sponser of upcoming Internet Trade Shows which feature internet telephony and VOIP etc.

No doubt Global Touch will facilitate the spread of awareness and marketing of the Ojo.


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A new deal by WorldGate consummated:

BroadVoice Enters Into Agreement with WorldGate to Purchase Ojo™ Personal Video Phones


June 5, 2007

Ojo Provisioning Package used for quicker and easier launch

TREVOSE, Pa. & BILLERICA, Mass., Jun 05, 2007 (BUSINESS WIRE) --

WorldGate Communications Inc. (NASDAQ: WGAT), a leading provider of personal video phones and associated technology, and BroadVoice Inc, a leading provider of high-quality, feature-rich broadband phone services to consumers and businesses, today announced that they have entered into an agreement to utilize WorldGate's Ojo™ and Ojo™ Shadow personal video phones provisioned with WorldGate's new service provider software package. The initial order is expected to ship within the next few weeks.

The new software enhancements have permitted BroadVoice to easily provision their Ojo personal video phones on their technology platforms, enhancing their capabilities and increasing their speed to market. The enhancements also provide for Ojos purchased by BroadVoice customers to immediately enjoy the Ojo personal video experience utilizing an automated activation process. This will give BroadVoice the ability to maintain standard inventory and reduce the need for and cost of unique inventory.

The companies have also agreed to work together to develop marketing approaches that will allow customers to take advantage of the full array of features and services offered by BroadVoice.

"We have been working with WorldGate on their new service provider package to define the best user experience, and found that the Ojo personal video phone connected to the BroadVoice network outperformed our expectations in all respects," said Les Berry, President of BroadVoice. "The Ojo will allow us to enhance our product offering, and give BroadVoice a competitive advantage with both consumers and businesses."

BroadVoice is focused on maintaining high quality across their open access Voice-over-IP (VoIP) communications network. With their "bring your own device" plans, customers can choose from the broadest possible selection of VoIP communication gear, including IP phones, softphones and phone systems.

"The opportunity to align Ojo with such a well-respected and strong player in the new world of communications is another major step for Ojo," said Hal Krisbergh, Chairman and CEO of WorldGate Communications. "BroadVoice's market penetration and customer base can be a key driver for sales of the Ojo video phone." Mr. Krisbergh continued, "We are also extremely excited that our new service provider package was instrumental in accelerating our ability to conclude negotiations with BroadVoice and schedule immediate shipments."

Ojo is the first broadband video phone to feature a friendly and intuitive display that facilitates realistic, face-to-face, personal communication experiences over DSL and cable broadband networks. Ojo is connecting families, friends, colleagues and their customers in 56 countries worldwide.


Stock "up" today to $0.55 a share. Caveat emptor! Do your own DD

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WorldGate Announces Agreement with Veteran Retailer to Heighten and Expand Its Overall Retail Strategy

Initial Efforts are Directed at the Upcoming 2007 Holiday Season

TREVOSE, Pa. - June 6, 2007 - WorldGate Communications Inc., (NASDAQ:WGAT - News), one of the world's leading providers of video phone products and related technology, today announced that it has contracted with Marvin Jemal and his team of marketing and sales professionals. Together, Jemal and WorldGate will further develop an aggressive retail distribution plan that is intended to position and showcase WorldGate's Ojo video phones and services through the marquee Big Box Retail (BBR) and specialty stores in North America.

Mr. Jemal is recognized as a pioneer in creating one of the most successful BBR consumer electronics retailers, having been the CEO and founder of Nobody Beats the Wiz, one of New York's most respected consumer electronics retail chain accounts. Nobody Beats the Wiz was sold to Cablevision Systems Corp. in 1998.

The efforts of Mr. Jemal's team will complement the efforts of WorldGate's current staff, and with this heightened and expanded focus WorldGate plans to establish and deliver significant new marketing initiatives that are designed to increase both the trade and consumer interest to market, sell and purchase Ojo video phones.

The Ojo video phone has received respected media and trade interest, including being a featured product on the CBS primetime serial drama, NCIS. The immediate goal of the expanded retail team will be to focus their attention on bringing a new awareness to the Ojo line.

"We continue to see new interest in the consumer’s desire for a state-of-the-art video phone. Ojo has all the key features to excite and capture the consumer’s attention and positively impact their daily lives," said Hal Krisbergh, CEO of WorldGate. "The opportunity to add Marvin and his team only reinforces our goal to increase Ojo's exposure within the retail channels. We believe that big box retailers are ready to experience and accept the Ojo offering as we heighten and expand the brand’s communication platform. The addition of Mr. Jemal and his team should uplift both the brand and the category in which Ojo can become the category leader in the growing consumer electronics industry."

"We are convinced that the market is primed and ready to accept a full trade and consumer effort to purchase the Ojo video phone product, which is secure, dependable and easy to use," said Marvin Jemal. "My team and I are very encouraged by what we see as a true partnership of delivering smart technology supported by a most reliable and dependable consumer experience that can immediately enrich the consumer’s daily lives when they purchase and use an Ojo video phone."


Stock "up" today to $0.56 a share. Caveat emptor! Do your own DD

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