Citizen Gaetz: The Lone Libertarian

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Matt Gaetz has stood staunchly by his creed of freedom to use his personal property as he wishes, and to pay travel costs for girlfriends if he wanted to, and has unabashedly enjoyed the sexual freedom available to young, unmarried, wealthy and successful men of his unique calibre.  He has always stood out from the crowd, and for  these things he is now being persecuted!

He was the Only legislator to stand against the Sex Trafficking bill in 2017, defending his principles when the rest of Congress crnavenly caved into the majority Earlier on he had opposed an anti-porn bill, claiming his liberty to show his own collection of obscene sex photos to anyone he wished.  A why should he be sacrificed to the prudishness of others?

He may just be the modern blend of fiscal conservatism and modern social liberation to fit the times, and represent the constituency of many likeminded folk who are now misunderstood and wrongly accused of misdeeds, just because of a few bad choices , of which his enemies make worse ones.

 Luckily he has family, friends and his upcoming wedding to support him through this little bump in his road to success.


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Karen?  Also not a Gaetz fan I gather, unless she is some screeching muderess I haven't heard of.

I don't seethe much, but you always assume When I write anything negative it is out of hatred, so I won't try to prove that particular negative again. I did not intend to transmit joviality. What you perceived as hatred was scathing contempt, so at least I was in the ballpark of what I wanted to convey. I do hate those amoral fratboy types with the dead, mean eyes and the glee in getting noticed, no matter for what. Especially when they are what you call elitist one percenters, but in real life they are seldom part of the landscape,and don't impinge on the consciousness much.  Whatever hatred I do express gets exorcized by lambasting the offender here in print. As the story unfolds I still just see Gaetz as an entitled idiot, and not too bright a one at that.

Thanks for the smile. I  wonder sometimes if I can ever make you laugh by the way I say something you hate being said at all!A sense of humour can be a burden at times, can't it?  


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Further on hating, this just showed up unbidden - did you used to chant Latin is a language dead etc,?  

Hatred is a virtue dead,  /tho' righteous, that's still true

It killed young Andrew Breitbart / and now it's killing you.


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