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Hi all,

I've been a fan of the Objectivist movement for about 10 years, although it's little known here in the UK. Any UK members here? Anyway, I joined the forum to hopefully get a few points clarified and discuss related philosophical matters. Too much time for thinking at the moment and I'm going round in circles. 😀

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As you will learn if you stick around (and you look like good people so I hope you do :) ), I was bantering metaphorically. 

Circular reasoning.

Dual purpose circle point: Take any point on a circle and it is both the start point and end point of going around the circle.

Circular firing squad.

Sinek's golden circle (why, how, what).

Ayn Rand's inner circle.

Ring of fire.

Don't get me started.


The point is you will see all this and more in forum discussions.

It's what makes the world go round...

(groan... I'll stop now... :) )

Don't mind me. I'm just having a little fun. That was the weirdest welcome I have ever given anyone.

On a serious note, I hope you get a lot of value here. And give some.

There are many good intelligent people to talk to.



btw - Carol's post crossed with mine. She banters metaphorically, too. But beware of what is behind the banter... :) 

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  • 2 weeks later...

I heard that Peter!  I see you still find amusement in mocking a Respectable Widow - a poor old woman just trying to get along.

I forgive you, though, for as my good friend  Mr Bennet often says, "What are we for,but to make sport of our neighbours, and in turn be made sport of ourselves?"

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