The 2020 Presidential Election Tournament

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For later reading...wasn't sure if I should share this to "Presidential Tournament" or "Deep State Unraveling", but probably relevant to both, as the topic has come up multiple times ("What Can One Do?" ;"What should WE do?"; "What is to be done?")...

Crisis of Command

America’s Broken Civil-Military Relationship Imperils National Security



Civilian control over the military is deeply embedded in the U.S. Constitution; the armed forces answer to the president and legislature. Starting in 1947, Congress built robust institutions designed to maintain this relationship. But over the past three decades, civilian control has quietly but steadily degraded. Senior military officers may still follow orders and avoid overt insubordination, but their influence has grown, while oversight and accountability mechanisms have faltered. Today, presidents worry about military opposition to their policies and must reckon with an institution that selectively implements executive guidance. Too often, unelected military leaders limit or engineer civilians’ options so that generals can run wars as they see fit.

Civilian control is therefore about more than whether military leaders openly defy orders or want to overthrow the government. It’s about the extent to which political leaders can realize the goals the American people elected them to accomplish. Here, civilian control is not binary; it is measured in degrees. Because the military filters information that civilians need and implements the orders that civilians give, it can wield great influence over civilian decision-making. Even if elected officials still get the final say, they may have little practical control if generals dictate all the options or slow their implementation—as they often do now.

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TG, I only skimmed it so far and there is another name for this. Evidence. Seriously. I don't know how far bragging about committing a crime in public goes towards convicting a perp, b

Below is the kind of rebuttal there is, and mostly will be, to Mike Lindell's documentary. From the New York Times: Three false claims about the election made in Mike Lindell’s new film.

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On 11/15/2020 at 12:23 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

It turns out that one of Dominion's managers and major stockholders (the head of strategy and security of all things), including a holder of patents for things used in the voting systems of other companies used in this election, is hardcore Antifa. His name is Eric Coomer.

Newsmax Disavows List of Election Conspiracy Claims While Settling Defamation Lawsuit by Dominion Employee Originally Tagged as ‘Antifa’


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5 hours ago, william.scherk said:


Newsmax did that.

They probably did not want to go bankrupt with legal fees (like American Thinker caved to avoid that).

Other places and people did not disavow their claims about Dominion.

With Newsmax, this is not justice. This is bullying by legal fees.

It kind of falls in the same category as getting a confession through torture.


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