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Isn't there a category in psychology for normative concepts, the ones in normative science that are concerned with logic, concepts of method, math, ethics, morality, romance, art, and science?

Isn't the category of cognitive concepts, more or less insufficient when measured with normative concepts?

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I finally remembered this and actually found it. I will organize my thoughts and write some things.

But for now, in The Romantic Manifesto (I forget which essay, I believe it was "Art and a Sense of Life"--I will have to check), Rand came up with a category of mental activity called "normative abstractions" as opposed to cognitive ones. Like what you just said above, I used to think it was "normative concepts." But it wasn't. It was "normative abstractions." I'm grateful to whatever snarky bastard corrected my on that years ago. :) 

(It's true, too. All of it. I know longer remember who corrected me, but I do remember it being snark-level snarky and I am truly grateful since this has provided me with a world of thought since.)

At the end of a long and twisted road, because of this, I came up with my idea of a "cognitive before normative" process in handling new information. One has to identify something correctly before one can evaluate it correctly--that is, if correspondence to reality is the standard. 

I wanted this to be the only correct way of disciplining rational thought. But after a lot of study in neuroscience, modern psychology, and so on, I realized that "normative before cognitive" is the normal sequence of the mind. From babies all the way into senility. Without a whole lot of that first, there can be no "cognitive before normative." But "cognitive before normative" is where all the good stuff happens in human progress.

Oddly enough, this landed me right in the middle of narrative and story. 

And, man, is this a long topic (including your questions, which to me, fit right in.)


Anyway, I have not forgotten you. I have been treading water time-wise with the Trump and Deep State thing and had no mental space for much else. 

However, I am enormously pleased that you are finding OL a good place to publish your thoughts. I even feel I need to look at conceptual constructivism again (I bookmarked your email way back when :) ).



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