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Merry Xmas 2020

We wish a very merry Christmas to all OL members and readers.

All of you rock, even the ones I tangle with.


I am grateful for every one of you who touched my life and I only wish the synergy of all of us interacting has led each of you individually to a path of happiness, whether discovering it or maintaining it.

May our little corner of the universe shine a light we gleaned from Ayn Rand added to a light shining from each of our own precious souls. And may this light help brighten those we love and extend outward to those more distant and even those we haven't met.

And may there be peace and good will on earth for all of us, at least as much as possible before someone does a gotcha. :) 

I will use this same thread to wish everyone a Happy New Year when it comes. For now, Merry Christmas and the bestest of wishes for every one of you.

Love to all.

Michael and Kat

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On 12/25/2020 at 1:06 PM, ThatGuy said:

Thank you, Michael, and Merry Christmas.

I second that, and I have a lot of deviled eggs and iced shrimp to last a week. Yummy! We spent Christmas day at my eldest daughters house, and they kept the TV singing carols in the background.    

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I posted the following on a different thread, not the new one for 2020.

I was really tired when I did that. But what the hell, why not double the good vibes?

So here it goes again.

If I don't get back on OL today (which is doubtful :) ), let me cover this.

Happy New Year to all
OL Members and Readers


Lots of people are saying 2020 was a horrible year.

If it set up the downfall of the Deep State and globalism (including China), then it was one of the best in human history.

The only one better will be 2021.

It will be an honor and a pleasure to share it with you.




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