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Michael Stuart Kelly

Mail-In Voting as Path to the Suicide of Freedom

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Mail-In Voting as Path to the Suicide of Freedom

The left is pumping hard the idea that the USA needs mail-in voting in order to keep people safe from the coronavirus.

What they really want is a way to cheat.

What they don't understand is that Republicans cheat, too. Often better.

In other words, this is a perfect recipe for the suicide of freedom in America.


But setting aside that, President Trump decided to go the way of persuasion on getting rid of this crappy idea.

He's been setting the table for a while in his nonstop stream of complaints against mail-in voting being inaccurate and a rat's nest for fraud.

Now he is ramping it up.

First an actual demonstration of what mail-in voting looks like playing by the rules. It's not pretty without fraud.


Next, the bombastic offer.


I love it.

Liberal heads are already exploding. "Trump cannot delay the election!!!" they are screaming. "Orange man bad!"


After a while, with everybody in America and most of the world watching all the hollering and the press going crazy, he will "compromise" and offer to commit to not making an effort to delay the election in exchange for the other side giving up mail-in voting. Or better, he will orchestrate it so the other side makes the offer.

And the dorks will sigh with relief as they cave and he agrees...


Let's see how this plays out, but so far, it's according to the book, the book being The Art of the Deal. 🙂


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Also, President Trump's trolling sure as hell is blowing out of the water any hay the fake news mainstream press wants to make out of the horrible GDP numbers from the shutdown.

Oddly enough, this splash was almost eclipsed by the passing of Herman Cain, which was reported soon after.

What a bummer. This caused me deep sadness. 

I hope Cain's legacy will be reported with dignity, but knowing the leftwing press, I have little doubt they will do the opposite.


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I'm glad to see people in the kind of press I like agreeing with me.

In fact, I was not aware of Kamala Harris's bill or the backstory of whether it can pass.

From Mark Angelides at Liberty Nation, July 30, 2020:

Trump Trolls The World With Election Delay
Is the president seeking to stir trouble or sink a bill?


Senator Kamala Harris (D-CA) has recently introduced the VoteSafe Act, which “Requires states to permit no-excuse mail-in absentee voting.” It seeks to authorize a $5 billion lump sum to expand vote-by-mail in response to COVID-19. With Democrats and their supporters in the legacy media seemingly blind to reports of actual voter fraud, ignoring the 20% of New Jersey mail-in ballots that were deemed ineligible or the 100,000 that were rejected in California, Trump saw the need to provide a wake-up call to Americans.

What better way to do it than to set the internet on fire?

. . .

The purpose of this inflammatory tweet appears to be one of two things. Either POTUS has decided to troll his opponents, or he is seeking to highlight voter fraud and thereby derail Kamala Harris’ latest bill.

Either way, he has done what the media has failed to do: start a genuine conversation on voter fraud.

The article mentioned something else, too.


The fact is that despite what the vipers’ nest of the TwitterZone insists, President Trump did not suggest that he would cancel or delay the election. No matter what the headlines of the usual suspects in the Fourth Estate may write, this tweet was neither a suggestion nor a call to action.

That is true.

All President Trump did was ask a question.

Gotchaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa you anti-Trumper skunks!!!

:evil:  🙂 


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The left was quick to respond, with some gleeful anticipation?, by invoking the 20th Amendment. I guess they think that if it drags out to January to count the votes, or if it doesn't happen by then, that Pelosi becomes president?

They even have "President Pelosi" trending on Twitter...


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I will gladly and freely risk my life to vote for freedom, opportunity, and peace but don't tread on me! I am becoming more confident that patriots will go to the polls in droves numbering 49 percent or more of eligible voters. 15 percent of democrats who are SO for Biden will vote, as well as 20 percent of Trump haters will vote and the outcome will be Trump 49 or more and Biden 45 percent or less.  My numbers don't add up so does anyone else have any predictions? Landslide or Disaster? 

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This was too easy.

First James Woods.

Second, here are some comments I cherry picked from that Twitter thread.

There are way too many in this vein to post.

I am not giving the full tweet because Twitter doesn't allow cutting the opening tweet without using HTML and I don't want to see a string of copies of the same video by Schumer. If you want to see who posted these comments, click on the date and time in James's tweet above.


They are so predictable. Lol ...

He took the bait, hook, line and sinker,  as did the MSM. Love it. The President just plays with them and they’re too ignorant to figure it out. ...

So busy thinking they are in control, that they can't tell when they are being expertly manipulated ...

Getting them to commit first - he’s got it on tape ...

Brilliant. He set out the cheese (delay election) and the mouse (rat?) stepped into the trap (keep election on schedule). How long before they realize what @realDonaldTrump did? ...

I love how gullible they are! ...

They fall for it every. single. time. ...

If ya say so, Chuckie!! !! November 3rd 2020 it is! ...

If Trump keeps this up, the Dems will demand in person voting with ids. ...

Freaking EPIC troll ...

The President nails them every time and it’s so much fun to watch!!  ...

I’m not saying it’s 4d chess. But. It’s 4d chess. ...

The moment I saw the tweet this morning I knew he was baiting the Democrats. And they went for it; hook, line and sinker! ...

One would think they'd learn how to play this game after three and a half years.  Sad but funny to watch ...

It’s so glorious.


It's almost like they don't realize he is their puppet master.  They want to delay the economy, schools, etc. but he just took any election time manipulating they might have tried right off table.  November 3rd it is.   They can't be that dense right?

Lmao that's one way to get the job done.

Oh yeah...

I forgot...

There are plenty of pictures and videos of fish and fishing...



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