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1 hour ago, Mark said:

The point is not that David Martin doesn’t like Bossie but rather why Bossie is unlikable.

Summarizing my understanding of why Martin says the choice of Bossie is problematic:

Bossie lacks the competence - and he might be a deep state infiltrator.

Thus his choice might be another bad choice on Trump's part.

Or, alternately, it raises the question if Trump is ready to throw the fight. 


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1 hour ago, Mark said:

MSK may not be getting it.  The point is not that David Martin doesn’t like Bossie but rather why Bossie is unlikable.


Actually I do get it.

And I'm not a big Bossie fan. (I see his uses, though.)

The problem is that, in the current context, waging a war against Bossie is a distraction and not a very important one at that.

Let's put it this way. President Trump using Bossie will not prevent Trump from being sworn in on Jan 20. The tidal wave is coming for the bad guys. If Trump does not use Bossie, that will not remove any block that would stop the tidal wave.


12 minutes ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

Summarizing my understanding of why Martin says the choice of Bossie is problematic:

Bossie lacks the competence - and he might be a deep state infiltrator.

Thus his choice might be another bad choice on Trump's part.

Or, alternately, it raises the question if Trump is ready to throw the fight. 


That's about right.

I believe the technical term for this is "nothing-burger."

Even if David Martin is 100% correct (and leaves out things like Bossie being good friends with Corey Lewandowski and Steve Bannon, etc.), who cares in the current context?

Let's do it this way. I read what David Martin wrote, including the additional part at his link. You gave a summary I believe is accurate (and I certainly don't attribute you with agreeing with that summary--that's for you to say).

So... assuming as a hypothetical that all of what you just summarized is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: 

1. On the Trump side, is Bossie the only political operator who lacks competence or might be a deep state infiltrator in this election right now?

2. Is Trump's choice of Bossie (according to "a person familiar with the decision") the only bad choice Trump has made according to people who are prone to say Trump makes bad choices? In my experience, they say President Trump does almost nothing but make bad choices.

3. Who raises the question of Trump throwing in the towel? "It?" 


I am certain of one thing, though. 

David Martin doesn’t like David Bossie.


Back to relevant matters (except for Mark, who will probably want to drag this nothing-burger on for whatever reason... He's on the Titanic aimed for the iceberg and he's yelling a warning to everyone that a man cheated at chess in one of the lounges. :) )


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This smells a hell of a lot like a diversionary tactic.

REPORT: John Durham Dropping His Investigations into Spygate, “Worried About Blowback From Joe Biden”

Look at the sources in the tweets this is based on.

A source familiar with Durham’s ongoing investigation...

A separate source who has seen the evidence...

It is true that Sean Davis is one of the co-founders of The Federalist, but nothing about this has appeared on The Federalist's twitter account or on its website.

Also, this means Durham is chicken.

It might be true, but doesn't that sound just a little bit off?


If it is a diversionary tactic, I don't know what it is diverting the enemy from. Nor the public, for that matter. All I know right now is that my antenna is twitching about this topic.


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This tweet is being mocked by Trump's enemies.

But they don't understand Trump and his sense of theatrics.

He is setting the table for a huge turnaround in public perception.

Not that anti-Trump people will start supporting him. But, instead, that people certain that Biden won will have a big-ass doubt and start getting tense and upset.

Also, people who did vote for Trump who are doubtful due to the media bombardment will start taking heart for real.

Remember how I kept saying...

setup --> payoff
setup --> payoff
setup --> payoff

a while back?

That tweet by President Trump is a setup, not a reaction.

He's not howling into the night.

He's setting up a huge payoff.

So sit back and watch the show. It will be huuuuuuge.



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On 11/8/2020 at 11:04 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Well... I will quote on thing just to be a real pain in the ass.

On 11/7/2020 at 12:38 PM, william.scherk said:

Not everyone is living in the same movie as President Trump.




Now the quote from the article:


Dominion Voting Systems is an election services company from Canada that is responsible for technology used to count votes in many of the close battleground states in the 2020 presidential election. Issues have arisen in some of those states, such as Michigan and Georgia, propelling Dominion into the spotlight.

Dominion Voting Systems is a company from Toronto, Canada, that has headquarters in Denver, Colorado, and is one of three major firms providing voting machines in U.S. elections.

If I were Trudeau, I would have seen a different movie, too.

I wonder if the Canadian elections use old Dominion from Toronto...

I was bantering when I wrote that, but not so fast. Dominion Voting Systems is used a lot where the Great Reset needs a boost. And we know Trudeau is on board with the Great Reset.

The Great Reset is a globalist pipedream--especially one by the World Economic Forum and it's fearless leader, Klaus Schwab (who does a side gig as a James Bond villain--if you ever hear him, he speaks like one, too :) ).


The pipedream is that humans will be governed by a dictatorship of technocrats who will determine everything about life, including governments, health, food, all of it. They are the guys who want implants into humans to control them, starting with branding that scanners can detect about which vaccines one has taken.

Some people think COVID-19 was released to help implement this program and others think these psychopaths took advantage of it when the virus came from China. Probably both in my opinion.

I bet once President Trump blows a big hole in the election scam, there will be agents of these people (among others) who will be lurking around inside.

And I bet a connection between Dominion and them will be uncovered as things move along.

Back to Trudeau, don't forget Dominion Voting Systems is a Canadian company headquartered in Toronto in the same building as George Soros's Tides Foundation.

The Tides Foundation is essentially a slush fund to spread globalism by disrupting the social organization of countries with social justice activities carried out in an extremely destructive manner, even using thugs and rabble-rousers to drum up riots.

It is impossible that Trudeau does not know of all this.

I mean, he's part of it.


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It's been a slow news morning and I am not content just to post the same news over and over. I've been looking and I haven't been able to find anything that looks especially interesting.

So, to keep morale up, please remember that Sidney Powell has said three things over the weekend and she has all the creds in the world to say them. When she talks kraken or the things below, this causes enormous anxiety among the bad guys who have any kind of legal sense.

First thing:  It’s massive criminal voter fraud, writ large across at least 29 states...

Second thing: We’re getting ready to overturn election results in multiple states...

Third thing: I don’t make comments without having the evidence to back it up...

That did not disappear, nor did the 73 million Trump voters, just because there is no new bombshell at the moment and the fake news media is in propaganda overdrive.

President Trump will be sworn in on the upcoming Jan 20. I believe that with all my brains, heart and soul. (I had to say "upcoming" because if I didn't, Brant would nail me with 2025 again. :) )



I did find one very interesting tweet that belongs among the kinds of news I am looking for. It is about the Rush Limbaugh show. However, it can't come from Rush because Mark Steyn is guest hosting today.

I don't know how true this is, but since it can be easily checked by people with a paid subscription (and we know people will check), I give it great odds of being true.



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Not proof of anything except this. One of America's all star lawyers, L Lin Wood, is taking aim.



Equally not proof of anything, but it does show that things are not as they seem right now.

23 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

... this means Durham is chicken.

It might be true, but doesn't that sound just a little bit off?

What say you, John Solomon?

Man, is this election fraud show exciting.



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On 11/16/2020 at 2:44 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I don't know how true this, but since it can be easily checked by people with a paid subscription (and we know people will check), I give it great odds of being true.

It's been checked and it is true. Sidney Powell said 100 Dominion employees are scrubbing their affiliation with Dominion from their Linkedin accounts and Dominion is scrubbing the names of people like crazy. She said it in the first video below.

Here is a series of tweets that give Sidney Powell's interview with Mark Steyn. Sorry it has to be 8 tweets of 2 minute videos, but that's the way this guy did it. If I find a full version, I will post it, especially because I don't think Twitter is going to allow this to stay up long.

In any case, if you want to be 100% assured of hearing it without waiting a couple of weeks, do so fast.





Sidney also said if Chief Justice Roberts does not take the case if it gets presented to the Supreme Court, he should be impeached.

She mentioned that she is preparing a series of class action suits against several states after she gets done with overturning this election in several states.

And she ended with release the Kraken.



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Here is a full video of the Sidney Powell and Mark Steyn interview.

It's so good, I'm going to so a transcript.

This is a small YouTube account, so this video might go down soon.

But the transcript will not. Working on it now.

LATER EDIT: Here is the transcript. There might be a few errors since I took the electronic transcript and did a first pass, but I did not revise it after that. 

But this is so important for a layman's understanding of what is going on, I felt a transcript was needed.


MARK STEIN: Sidney Powell. She was last on with me as a tireless champion of her client, Michael Flynn. she's and now a tireless champion of her a new client, Donald J. Trump in some of these post election legal battles. 

And Sidney, you feel you've become very concerned about this Canadian company, Dominion Voting Systems. As I said on this show last week, it's illegal for a Canadian to give a "C note" to a presidential candidate, but apparently it's not in the least bit illegal for a Canadian company to end up running American elections in thirty-three states. What's the problem for you with this Dominion Voting Systems?

SIDNEY POWELL: Well there are so many problems, Mark, it would be hard to articulate all of them. Their system was specifically created and designed by Venezuelan money and interests to rig elections for Hugo Chavez and then for Maduro. It was exported internationally, I understand, to rig an election in Argentina. And it has been used to rig this election for... to make it appear the votes were for Mr. Biden when Donald Trump won overwhelmingly. And I'm in the process of collecting evidence through a fire hose to the point it feels like a tsunami now... 

MARK STEIN: Right... 

SIDNEY POWELL: ... of honest patriotic people--American citizens who are coming forward to tell us exactly what was going on. And I just got word today that a hundred Dominion employees have even taken any affiliation with Dominion off their Linkedin accounts. And Dominion's scrubbing names of people like crazy.

MARK STEIN: Right. Right. And it started... it only came out because I think a county clerk happened to notice that six thousand Trump votes had been transferred to Joe Biden--I believe in Michigan, but presumably... [crosstalk]... Yeah.

SIDNEY POWELL: It also came out because some of my math experts, who I know very well, immediately identified the algorithm that was being run to change the vote...


SIDNEY POWELL: ... so that any number of batches of votes were changed by the machine, which... by its own manual, it tells people that it can do that. It was changed to run sixty-seven percent for Biden. And votes were injected in that number by the hundreds of thousands multiple times. The exact same number and ratio were injected like three times in Wisconsin and twice in Michigan, or vice-versa, a couple... twenty minutes apart or something. 

It's absurd. And for people to say there's no evidence of fraud, or the people that want to cover up the fraud for whatever their personal interests are, we also have some evidence coming in that the people who bought these Dominion systems for their States got special benefits on the side. 


SIDNEY POWELL: And, yeah. I mean look at the level on... with the corruption... it's what the American people have felt for a long time. But we're just now getting people to come forward because it's so bad, And they've realized that I'm here and I will fight for it until we get it out there.

MARK STEIN: I was very interested by this business of the algorithm because I hadn't realized till then... I'd heard of this company. 

In Canada they're just tabulators. In other words, they just run optical scanners that scan paper ballots. So if you have an argument about the result, like they did--I think it was Nova Scotia, New Brunswick a couple years back--they've actually got the hard core paper ballots and they go back and count them manually. 

But in America, it's a completely different... it's completely different machines they are running, which are actually voting machines and not just these optical scanners. Is there?... You've been going on about Gina Haspel at the CIA. I mean, the Deep State security guys who certified that this is the cleanest election ever run in America, are they the guys who...

SIDNEY POWELL: They need to be fired.


SIDNEY POWELL: They need to be fired. I don't know who's payroll they're on, but they need to be fired yesterday. Democrats Elizabeth Warren and Amy Klobuchar were complaining about this several years ago. Carolyn Maloney wrote a letter to people about it years ago. They're even scrubbing the articles they cited from the Internet. We've gone to check on several links and they're gone.

This is very widespread. And I have no doubt at this point it involves the tech companies in Silicon Valley who are also trying to suppress our free speech on all of these issues to cover their own you-know-whats.

MARK STEIN: Yep. Absolutely.

SIDNEY POWELL: I am livid about all of it. I am livid about the level of corruption. I'm livid that the FBI and the CIA haven't done anything about the complaints they've received, which just makes me want to know even more. Who's been paid what? And who is responsible for all of this? And who's paid whom to get there by their elections?

MARK STEIN: And as you say, the media and the CIA and everyone say, "Aw, give it up. There's nothing to see here." 

What do you think?... I take it you agree that this case ultimately is going to wind up in front of those nine guys on the Supreme Court. Do you think they're going to be as eager to just sweep it under the rug?

SIDNEY POWELL: I don't think so, Mark. I think the evidence is going to be so overwhelming. And I would warn any State right now that thinks they're going to certify this election to rethink it very seriously. Because what they're certifying is their own fraud and their own complicity in fraud and I wouldn't... I might even mount a class action suit later to sue them, themselves, for their participation in it. It's ridiculous.

The legislatures and the States need to take control right now and reject the certifications of... especially the swing States that were so heavily influenced by these hundreds of thousands of vote changes. 

And the people... the Smarttech [sic, Smartmatic] manual tells you that they can do this. They can change any votes they want to change. They can reallocate ID from one vote to another. They can take batches of votes and trash them if they were for Trump. They can add votes for Biden. They can be manipulated anyway they want to be manipulated. And they had VPN connections and access. And I think Raheem Kassan actually tweeted a message yesterday, or a picture yesterday, of Glenn Simpson looking behind a string of Dominion voting machines.

MARK STEIN: Yeah. You said, if I understood you correctly, that they can actually program the percentages, as it were. They can actually override whatever votes are in the machine... 


MARK STEIN: ... and adjust them up and down until they reach the... Why would that be a feature of a voting machine?

SIDNEY POWELL: Because it was created to do that to begin with. That's how Hugo Chavez and Maduro have ensured they won every Venezuelan election.

MARK STEIN: So somehow a Canadian company wound up putting Venezuelan counting machines in thirty three American States. That's the upshot of that, Sidney.

SIDNEY POWELL: Yeah. It was all created in Venezuela and designed to do this very thing. And they've installed Venezuelan machines. And then the votes actually go to Barcelona, Spain and Frankfort, Germany where they can be further manipulated before they're sent back to be reported on AP and the New York Times and all that.

MARK STEIN: Are you?...

SIDNEY POWELL: One reason it was caught this big this time was because Donald Trump's lead was so overwhelming, they didn't calculate the algorithm high enough and the [crosstalk]...

MARK STEIN: ... Just just a minute there, Sidney. I had no idea about that. These votes are actually counted in Bar... They travel halfway around the world to Barcelona before they counted. I want to come back with you. Hang on, please. I want to come back and talk about that some more because that's extremely important. Mark Stein for Ruch. More with Sidney Powell straight ahead.

*  *  

MARK STEIN: If you have some evidence of electoral fraud, you can go to SIdney's website It's well named:, because SIdney will be defending it when most everybody else has fled. If you have evidence of electoral fraud, particularly in these critical swing States, then do go to that website.

SIdney, you said something incredible to me. Because as odd as it is, that these foreign made machines, Canadian machines with Venezuelan algorithms, are now in thirty three...

SIDNEY POWELL: You might as well call them Venezuelan machines because this is essentially what they are.

MARK STEIN: Okay that's...

SIDNEY POWELL: They go through a number of different companies to do this. And yes we have Venezuelan communists influenced by Cuban communists counting our votes and deciding how our elections are going to come out. It's an absolute outrage. It should be being investigated by the highest of our Intel investigators, preferably military, because it's a national security threat. And that's exactly why they've done this. And, oh, and don't forget China's influence on all of it too.

MARK STEIN: No, no...

SIDNEY POWELL: There's [UNINTELLIGIBLE] reports in it. And Chinese money and graft in Venezuela.

MARK STEIN: But you mentioned it actually goes across the Atlantic to Barcelona, and I think you said somewhere else before these... 

SIDNEY POWELL: Yeah, Frankfort.

MARK STEIN: Yeah, Frankfort. So in other words, we've got the Germans and the Spaniards counting American votes, too, which would be odd enough if you didn't already have the Canadians, the Venezuelans.. I mean, there's everybody but Americans.

SIDNEY POWELL: Well the Spaniard part is actually con... those parts are actually controlled by the Venezuelans, too. Accounting centers over they are controlled by the Venezuelan money.

MARK STEIN: But what is the?... You're a lawyer. And you know that in any law.. even in any trivial... the most trivial lawsuit, chain of custody of the evidence is the most important thing. You know, that a photocopy of a photocopy of a photocopy of what might have been an original document thirty seven versions earlier is less persuasive as evidence than the real thing. So why do we have like a complete contempt of chain of custody here, where these votes are sent actually into foreign jurisdictions before they eventually return is hard numbers?

SIDNEY POWELL: Right. And there are multiple means of how they alter it. They alter it to begin with by running the algorithm where they want to run it, but they can also alter it by trashing votes, adding votes, and then if they don't like it, still then, they can change it again in Barcelona.

MARK STEIN: Right. So in other words, whatever shenanigans, to use the euphemism people seem to prefer, whatever shenanigans take place in a precinct in Michigan, if that's insufficient, they can change it yet again while the so-called vote is out of the country.

SIDNEY POWELL: Right. The hand count in Georgia that they're pretending to do now, they're going to try to use that to promote the argument that the Dominion fraud software stuff is a hoax. That's baloney. They did all kinds of different things there that include kind of closing out Republican accounts, and doing provisional ballots for people that then disappeared. 

And we've got to have access to the machines themselves, to get the software and examine it, but we know that there were quote "glitches" in Georgia, too. And anytime there was a glitch like that, there was software probably uploaded that changed things. They can change it over the Internet. It should never have had an Internet connection. 

Patches were put in like the day before the election and they were not... never certified. The machines aren't supposed to be touched for ages before the election. That's a violation of law by itself. I mean... but we also have--at least I've been told--that there are special concerns about the Governor of Georgia and the Secretary of State having received some kind of a personal benefit for rushing the purchase of the Dominion machines into the State.

MARK STEIN: You said something else interesting there. That they actually were connected to the Internet. Because last time round we were told, when there was all this stuff about the Russian collusion and all the rest of it, that voting machines are safe because voting machines are not online. They're machines, but they're not... but some guy sitting in Macedonia or St. Petersburg can't actually hack into it because it's not connected to the Internet. You're saying that this time round, there were machines connected to the Internet.

SIDNEY POWELL: These machines are so hackable, a fifteen year old could do it.

MARK STEIN: And does that mean that, in the lawsuit, you're asking a judge to actually let some kind of tech experts into the machines themselves to figure out what's been programmed there and what's going on in them?

SIDNEY POWELL: That is definitely one of the things we need. I can't even tell you at this point whether it's in any of the existing lawsuits. But I certainly encourage people to put them in the ones that they've filed.

MARK STEIN: And do you think?... you said you thought it was definitely going to the Supreme Court. Everyone seems to think that John Roberts, the Chief Justice, has no appetite for this. And his whole thing is always to, as it were, diminish the significance to prevent the Supreme Court doing anything like overturning, and being perceived to have overturned, an election or whatever. Do you think?... I mean these seem to me to raise absolutely extraordinary issues where essentially foreign actors... we've been told for four years about foreign interference in American elections, and it turns out the entire US election is one great act of multi-foreigner interference. Is that big enough for him to, in a sense, not be able to turn down the case?

SIDNEY POWELL: If that isn't big enough for him to take the case, he should be impeached.

MARK STEIN (laughing): There would be a lot of people who would support you on that. Thank you. You always... you have that thing that really good lawyers have, which is a slight degree of inscrutability, Sidney, when you're being interviewed. Let me just ask you as a final question: Do you feel you feel optimistic that the truth is going to get out about this thing?

SIDNEY POWELL: I feel very optimistic the truth is going to be... it will get out. Of course, everybody on the face of the earth now is trying to suppress it, including people in our own government. But I won't quit until it's out and, you know, release the Kraken.

MARK STEIN (laughing): Indeed. Release the Kraken. Well God bless you, Sidney, and people can go to if they want to know more about this.

SIDNEY POWELL: Yes. Thank you so much, Mark.

MARK STEIN: Thanks a lot, Sidney. It's always a pleasure, even in trying times., Sidney really ought to as well. 

It's so... it's embarrassing to me, this, I may say, as a Canadian that somehow this Canadian company is in the back of this. As Sidney put it, Mr. Snerdley isn't surprised. People go on about the international Jewish conspiracy and all the rest of it. In the end, it's the international Canadian conspiracy you have to watch out for. Although, in this case, as Sidney says, it's just like a nice little fluffy bunny Justin Trudeau front for a Venezuelan operation. 

And, I can reiterate, the most extraordinary... the chain of custody issues. You know, American elections... I was totally misled by them as I said the last time I was here. Because I had gone along and seen town meeting in my little New Hampshire town where everyone votes for the Overseer of the Poor and the Sexton and the Town Moderator. 

And it was just like Tocqueville was writing about two hundred years ago when he called it the best system of government devised to man. And they have a vote on things, and if it's a bit unclear how it goes on the voice vote, they all go and do the paper votes. And it's all... it's about as clear and transparent system you can imagine. 

Then you have this thing here. I've never seen in Canada, UK, France, Denmark, Australia, wherever you want to name it, where ballots are moved all over the State before they're counted. Again, the idea of putting ballots in the trunk of someone's car or in a van while they're shifted around the county...

You've got basic chain of custody issues there. So this whole thing is... The way it works in functioning electoral systems is: the polls close at seven o'clock or eight o'clock, you count the ballots. The Ballots are all there. The ballots aren't being moved hither and yon... oh... we thought we had a result for you, but some extra boxes turned up in the middle of the night, so now we're gonna... We don't know where they came from, but we're going to count them, too. 

The ballots... the votes are counted where they were cast. That's a basic thing of any free and fair election. The UN wouldn't satisfy all these ballots in cars being driven around until you can drive them up to where they're most needed. And I thought that was just something that was done with the hard core ballot, 

Now we have the supposed easy-peasy voting machines. This is incredible to me, where the votes are actually transmitted to Barcelona and Frankfort to be counted... How did that happen in America? This is ridiculous. In the words of the great Zimbabwean leader, the Reverend Cane and Banana, "While you were sleeping, we helped ourselves." 

And while America slept on the night of the presidential election, all these strange creatures shipping votes from Canadian-Venezuelan machines to Spain and Germany, and the Biden campaign helped themselves. 

That was the great Sidney Powell. A shock to me, all this. I guess I'm very naive.


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Holy shit. Here I thought I was done with Sidney Powell and Dominion for today.

Sidney reads from a person who was in on Smartmatic from the beginning with Hugo Chavez.

Also, the FBI is finally on the case, for whatever good that will do. Lou Dobbs took the following points from the FBI website. Since this was an election with federal candidates, these ballot frauds are federal crimes. That means Trump's legal team can leapfrog the State courts.

It would help if the FBI actually did something other than post this stuff on their website, but I don't expect much until this thing busts wide open and all the rats scamper to save their own butts..



As gravy, though, here's a nice thought.

I think Georgia's Governor and Secretary of State are going to jail in the end. Getting kickbacks for government purchases of voting machines that create fraudulent vote counts breaks I don't know how many laws.

They need to come out and start making a deal before they no longer can.


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Everybody's worried about the Senate runoffs in Georgia because of Republicans holding the Senate in Washington.

According to L Lin Wood, there will be no runoff elections for Senator in Georgia this election cycle.

To him, the voting system was so corrupt and the elections were carried out through unconstitutional means, so there will be a cancellation of the entire down-ballot elections in Georgia--they will do the down-ballots over in a new election--and the State assembly will vote for President because of the calendar.

I think he's right. He's staking his reputation on this and he has one of the best legal reputations in America. He said he never predicts legal outcomes, but he's 100% sure of this outcome. The law is too clear for it to be otherwise.

This was a fascinating interview. Lin specializes in libel and slander, so he said he never talks bad about politicians, but he is calling out Governor Kemp and Secretary of State Raffensperger as corrupt as they come. He says they are going to jail and expects them to do nothing but try to avoid that for now.

He's not a Republican, either. He's only supporting Trump Republicans right now because of Trump based on Trump's performance. (Kemp and Raffensperger are Republicans and he is going after them with everything he's got to put them in jail.)

And man does he sound pissed.

He said he thinks Georgia will be a precedent for other elections in the different States. And when all is said and done, he thinks Trump will be elected by a landslide, all 50 States. He mentioned that President Trump likely received 70% of the popular vote.

If the Supreme Court annuls the votes from Dominion-manipulated mail-in ballots, I think he will be right about all of this, too.



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It's been a while since I last posted a video of Scott Adams. He farts around with covertly manipulating his audience and I don't like that, so I have slowed down on posting him. I still watch his videos, though.

But he's an extremely good explainer and an extremely good analyzer. He's had some great predictions that have come true, too--ones that nobody thought would have a chance to happen.

So today he predicts--through his Slaughtermeter--that there is a 97% chance of Trump proving the election was rigged and technically winning the election. He doesn't think Trump will take office because yawp yawp yawp (the media is too powerful or that Trump will concede or whatever), but I believe that part is where he is screwing with his audience. The idea that Trump will not take office once it is proven he won is so laughable, I remember Scott is a cartoonist. :) 

Now here is something he predicts without games and I am 100% in agreement with. He thinks there is going to be a huge reset in public perception about election fraud, starting with the current election and extending to all elections. He thinks this will be a big crack in reality for a lot of people.

He knows what I know about the election software since he gets to see things I don't (so he says). That means he probably knows a lot more than I do right now. But I know a lot since I have been studying Dominion, Smartmatic, Scytl and so on.

I don't know how they are going to package this in the press to eliminate it from public perception, but I know they will try. And I also know once Sidney Powell, L Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, etc., win election lawsuits based on that stuff, there is no way the media can ignore it.

Incidentally, Scott agrees with me that these high-powered lawyers would not risk their careers on saying what they are currently saying (State election results will be overturned, powerful politicians are corrupt and will go to jail, etc.) unless they had the goods. He excludes Rudy because he thinks Rudy is so much Trump's guy, he would be prone to a hyperbole. I disagree with Scott on Rudy. I think Scott has fallen for the "Rudy is goofy" image the press sold, so he doesn't see it.

The main point is that Scott is saying there is such massive evidence of election fraud that few will be able to deny it once the Kraken is released and that Trump will win. He's putting his own reputation on this and, as he discussed early in the video, MediaMatters has already targeted him for smear campaigns. That means he's making someone over on that end hurt.

So, enjoy.


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10 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

[Lin Wood] mentioned that President Trump likely received 70% of the popular vote.

That's heartening news to me, if it's true.  What I've been finding distressing is the percent of the popular vote Biden - apparently - got.  Even allowing for voting fraud, it would be nearly 50% - unless the voting fraud truly was enormous, not just some hundreds of thousands but some millions.  If the reality was close to 70% of the popular vote for Trump, that gives me hope that sentiment in the US still is mostly pro-freedom.


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Here's another love letter to the election fraudsters from L Lin Wood from one hour ago.

Don't forget, Lin is the most famous defamation lawyer in America. And yet he says this.


EDIT: Incidentally, I went to her home page here and I think Lin is referring to her Twitter account instead: @SidneyPowell1.


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29 minutes ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

That's heartening news to me, if it's true.  What I've been finding distressing is the percent of the popular vote Biden - apparently - got.  Even allowing for voting fraud, it would be nearly 50% - unless the voting fraud truly was enormous, not just some hundreds of thousands but some millions.  If the reality was close to 70% of the popular vote for Trump, that gives me hope that sentiment in the US still is mostly pro-freedom.



In my view, it is probably higher.

Dominion does not count real votes except as a gauge and a smokescreen. What it really tallies are bits and bytes it is programmed to fabricate under different scenarios, which the politicians then sell to the public as votes.

The Dominion machine (and others for that matter) is calibrated to keep the elections close enough to be plausible to the public. (When I say machine in this post, I mean all of all the individual voting machines.) But so many Trump voters came out on Nov. 3, that blew a hole in the machine's programming and the bad guys panicked.

There simply wasn't enough time to get within the machine's plausibility margins and still have Biden win. So they did some really stupid things like shutting down counting so they could recalibrate the machine, adding thumb-drives from nowhere to the system with people watching, and so on, practically exposing the machine's connections to the Internet. And once it is established the machine was connected to the Internet during the election and ballot counting, game over.

The ballots are for show in this racket, but even on that point, the bad guys got caught short by the massive number of Trump voters and they had to pull blank ballots out of their asses and fill out enough of them for the machine to do its magic.

People talk about President Trump's voters being 70 to 73 million. That does not take into account the massive number of Trump votes that were destroyed and/or deleted. 


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Whither America?

by Nick Griffin

... Despite widespread attempts at sabotage by NGOs, law enforcement agencies and Democrat activists, the turn-out was fantastic. In Britain and online, the absolute silence by the right-wing flagship the Daily Mail, and the sneers and absurd lies about numbers from the Guardian, Independent and the BBC, spoke volumes for how shocked the liberal elite were by the endless convoys and the vast and enthusiastic crowd. And, at the end of a great day, despite waiting until they could pick off stragglers, the paid and cowardly thugs of Antifa frequently got the painful lesson they so richly deserve.

But we have to be realistic; the historically significant highpoint of the day was the President’s failure to join his vast army of loving, angry and motivated supporters. This was a terrible and tragic error which will cost Donald Trump and America dear.

What should have happened? At the very least, the President should gave given up an afternoon’s golf and spent a couple of hours with his crowd, chatting and giving the lucky few the selfies of their lives. A couple of hours returning the love and telling the faithful to be on standby and to get organised. This isn’t exactly political rocket science, it’s just common sense and decency.

You can measure the missed opportunity and the mentality of the man by asking: what would George Washington have done? Or Teddy Roosevelt, or JFK, or even Reagan or Obama? Anyone of them would have stood on the back of a pick-up, taken a bullhorn and given the speech of his life, the speech that made all the difference. Donald Trump gave a few waves and went off in his armoured limo to play golf.


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13 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

I also know once Sidney Powell, L Lin Wood, Rudy Giuliani, etc., win election lawsuits based on that stuff, there is no way the media can ignore it.

Which particular suits do you think will be won? 

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I have the weirdest goddam thing right now. About an hour ago, a guy named J Michael Waller
(@JMichaelWaller) made a tweet and Sidney Powell retweeted it. Here is the tweet, but I am going to include a screenshot just in case it gets taken down.

Incidentally, J Michael Waller's Twitter bio says the following: "Founding editorial board member, NATO's 'Defence Strategic Communications' journal. Center for Security Policy. Still on Committee on the Present Danger-China."


Now for the weird part. That tweet links to an article by Waller at this URL:

However, the article has been taken down and an error message appears. That is ONE HOUR after he put it up on Twitter.


Also, the article has been scrubbed from the search engines.

Fortunately for OL members, I found a copy in Google's search cache. Here is a PDF version. The first couple of pages are not the article because of the way I copied the page. I selected all on the Google cache page, pasted it into a Word document whole, then exported the whole thing as a PDF (which comes to 9 pages). But the article is there among the other stuff.

You will probably have to download it to read it (do that here).

It's quite a read.

Cuba's been hooking up with China and it is all over this current election fraud. 


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