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What is a Chokehold?

President Trump has just outlawed chokeholds for police (unless their lives are threatened), but what is a chokehold for real?

I was surprised when I found out.

A chokehold is about starving blood to the brain, not about suffocating a person.

Crowder explains it well.


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What was done to Floyd wasn't a choke hold, not really, although the technique accomplished what a choke does by rendering incapacity. BBJ's version is the rear naked choke. It can cause a Valsalva maneuver which is like trying to breath out just not through the nose or mouth. You'd recognize it when sitting on the toilet. Its purpose is to render the opponent unconscious not dead. But there's no real difference between death by suffocation and blood starvation other than manner of death as reported by forensics. Drowning is different than choking but after about 5 minutes of no breath or breathing in water or no blood being pumped you're dead as dead. Most will lose consciousness in 7-10 seconds when rnc is applied properly. It would be difficult to apply a rear naked choke for over 5 minutes.

The choke hold ban takes away a useful tool, imo. If holds were limited to say 15 seconds those take the stuffing out of anyone. If holds are applied improperly many things can go wrong. It wasn't the choke hold that killed Floyd. It was murderous intent.

Rogan proved it. ha

Anyway half the numb skulls Ive heard talking about this seem to think the scene was played out by crisis actors. Gawd. Don't ya just love a conspiracy?  



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Trump can pound sand.  I will still use the chokehold. 

I'm not a cop.  I was a bouncer and security in strips clubs and casinos for twenty years and used them effectively.  Chokeholds and submission holds are an effective way to stop them in their tracks.  In security and cop work, we are encouraged and taught not to strike, but to stun and make the individual submit--or resort to deadly force immediately if there are no other options. 

On the lateral neck, or side of the neck if you prefer, there is the Carotid Artery, the Vagus Nerve, the Jugular Vein and the Phrenic Nerve all in the same area and alignment.  At the front of the neck there is the Trachea.  At the back of the neck there is the Accessory Nerve.  A whack to the back of the neck, snapping the head back powerfully and cleanly will pinch the Accessory Nerve and shut off the signal to the brain and shut him off or stun him hard for a while.  He will not get up and fight you and you can escape or subdue him long before he recovers. A whack to the front of the neck, to the Trachea, is deadly if accomplished with enough force.  Avoid this if killing the individual(s) is not your goal.  The Trachea has approximately the consistency of copper tubing.  If crushed, you can't take it back and your victim will die.  He will suffocate.  Applying enough pressure, and it doesn't take much, to the sides of the neck, to the four vessels and nerves described above will safely render him unconscious and buy you time to subdue or escape.  This is why chokeholds are so popular with security and cops.  They work.  And they are harmless.  In almost every case, unless the victim has some abnormality or injury to begin with, the victim comes away with a 100% recovery rate.  But if the hold is held too long, complications up to and including death can result.  The chokehold is a constricting hold.  Yes, like a snake, like a boa constrictor, for example.  The myth us that a constrictor suffocates his victim, squeezes the breath out of him.  He does not.  What he does is squeeze his victim so hard it stops the flow of blood through the arteries completely, and the nerves, too are arrested, causing the victim to go unconscious and finally into cardiac arrest.  It is the same principle with the chokehold.  If held too long, your victim will die or become permanently maimed.  If held just right, your victim will fall out and buy you time to escape and/or call for help.  How do you know when to stop?  Simple.  When your victim's body goes limp.  It's that easy.  You have won.  Let go of his neck now.  He will not get up and harm you and you will live another day.  Now, depending on your situation, either flee before he comes to, though it will be a while, or call the police to have him arrested.  And be certain to request medical attention for your victim.  It will help you out a great deal in the courts, should it come to that.

The chokehold is useless to small, weak people. Likely they will never even get to a chokehold on a bigger, stronger attacker unless they are adequately trained.  Smaller people are better off striking, eye-gouging, genital crushing, popping eardrums, etc., and other nasty, dirty, wonderful little tricks.  

Weapons are great protection also, but if you don't carry them and don't train with them--don't be stupid and rely on a weapon.  Get a really great flashlight.  I mean a really great one that is always charged and always works and you always know where it is and can get to it quickly.  Practice with it.  A strong light in your victim's eyes stops them long enough for you to attack them or escape freely.  Why do you think cops carry them all the time and use them constantly?  I prefer the flashlight and pistol or revolver combo in my home, and I carry a pistol literally everywhere I go and practice with it a lot.

The best thing to do overall is to simply learn anatomy and practice targeting human anatomy and strike points.  Reliance on techniques and forms is a fool's game.  Rely on your knowledge of the human anatomy and targeting to ensure you can attack at will whatever situation you find yourself in.  With not too much training you can keep loved ones and yourself safe.

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18 hours ago, Peter said:

Unabashed. You remind me of Jack Reacher. 

I don't know jack about Jack Reacher.  I just do science and research into the matter and keep what works and throw away what doesn't work.  Truth be told, I've talked my way and others out of by far and away more violence than I've ever been in.  But you have to have the mindset and the violence for when the talking stops and the kinetic force dispensation begins.

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