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Rudy against Obama and the Deep State


Rush Limbaugh said recently (several times) that the main reason people have not been indicted and jailed under the Attorney General Barr's investigations so far--including the part being run by John Durham--is that he is taking a shot at the whole damn machine.

This means he does not want a fall guy. Nor does he want to run into the brick wall of corruption at the highest echelons of the Deep State.

So President Trump is letting the investigations run in a manner where all the details are being locked down tight before actions start. In this fight, you only get one shot to unleash a big law enforcement raid. If the premises and investigations are not perfect, it will be shot full of holes, the entire case will disintegrate and those who took the shot will be persecuted in all manners possible. Think mob reprisals.

(I embellished this a bit, like with the comment about mob reprisals, so this is not all Rush. :) )


Enter Rudy

So what does this have to do with Rudy?

When the impeachment by the House started to congeal, a branch of this approach fell right off into President Trump's lap. His lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, stumbled across an enormous amount of corruption in the Ukraine that implicated the Bidens, the Obama administration and beyond. 

Rudy did not go to the Ukraine seeking this. Back when he started, Biden was not running in the primaries and Rudy never even thought he would. Rudy was seeking general information and there was a lot of heat by the Democrats with the Ukraine being repeatedly mentioned. So he looked into it.

What he found took his breath away. It goes way beyond the Hunter Biden scandal with Burisma. Thus, Rudy did what Rudy does. He started compiling evidence, taping interviews, and so on. After all, Rudy took down some really nasty mob folks, so he has a lethal case-making system that works.

In the last few months, there has been an enormous press campaign to taint Rudy as corrupt, as a Trump toady working to illegally help with Trump's 2020 election by digging up dirt on Biden, as stupid, and so on.


Common Sense

Rudy decided to make a podcast, called "Common Sense" (named in honor of Thomas Paine's book), where he could present evidence he has found that has been suppressed from the public eye by the fake news media, by politicians, and by establishment legal celebrities.

This podcast started before the Senate acquittal of President Trump so the first video is a bit different that the rest. After that, Rudy decided to make a prosecutorial case to the public as if he were making a case to a court. He is starting with Joe Biden and Hunter Biden for bribery, extortion, and (probably) money laundering. Definitely corruption. But he is extending this to include lots of high-level people and he has announced that he will eventually get to the Obama Administration per se. 

I never realized what a great lawyer Rudy is. As this podcast is aimed at the general public, he uses simple language and explains things as he goes along (but citing laws and so on when relevant). By the time this stuff goes to court, the public will understand the issues despite all the foreign sounding names and criminal enterprise complexities. 

There are five episodes as of this posting, varying between a half an hour to an hour each. I saw the first podcast earlier today. I was so impressed, I stopped everything and watched all five of them back to back.


Let's Witness History Together

There is no doubt I am seeing major history unfold in real time, knowing this will be an event to mark this century. Rudy says this scandal will end up making the Teapot Dome scandal of the early 1920s look unimportant by comparison. I believe him.

I have no doubt Rudy's series of videos will be included in Barr's investigations and will be studied in law classes at universities from the time the scandal subsides to forever.

I am posting the first five videos below. I will be adding each new one as it comes out. I want you to see them as much as I want to see them. And I want us to see them as they happen.

But first, here is Rudy's site: Rudy Giuliani.


The Videos

Now to the videos.

I do hope you enjoy them with me.

What a great time to be alive.

Common Sense Ep. 1 | Since No Crimes Exist, It Must Be Dismissed


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I forgot to mention, Rudy does a big honking cigar commercial in the middle of his podcasts, along with wine and whiskey. :) Also, his introduction is about two and a half minutes. So you can skip those if they bother you.

Common Sense Ep. 4 | The Trial: The Biden Family Crimes Conclusively Proved | SWORN AFFIDAVIT


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This just came out so I haven't seen it yet.

But I will. This series is a pleasure.

Oddly enough, Rudy is all over the place when he's being interviewed on TV. However, in this series, it's like he's a different person--a great communicator and educator and persuader. Maybe it's because he's scripted (as he would be in court), but no so good at spontaneous communication.

Whatever the reason, this series is a keeper. I intend to watch the entire series more than once (probably 3 times) just to solidify Rudy's legal teaching in my mind.


Common Sense Ep. 6 | Proving Extensive Corruption & Criminal Conduct by the Biden Family Enterprise


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Rudy's cooking.

He's already got No. 9 up and I haven't even seen it yet.

Common Sense Ep. 9 | The BLOCKBUSTER Report & RAPE of Ukraine | Part 2

In the YouTube comment, Soros is mentioned a lot, so I imagine there is some dirt on Soros in this video. I'll comment later.

But don't let me stop you. If you are following this, and God knows why you wouldn't seeing that it is one of the most important political things unfolding at the seed level in current US history, then enjoy.

Later when the inevitable earth-shattering kaboom happens, you and I will know what caused it. And maybe, armed with a clear vision, we will be able to shooch out of the way to avoid any fallout that lands in our neighborhoods.




EDIT - I just saw the video. Five billion dollars missing here, a hundred and forty million missing there, left-leaning NGOs affiliated with George Soros being the bag man in shuffling this loot around, and on and on. And all pointing to the Bidens, the Clintons, and the Obama administration in general, including President Obama himself.

Rudy is going after the big one in the same manner he went after the mafia. He gives his main approach near the end of the video.

For the mafia, Rudy put together joint task forces between US law enforcement and Italian law enforcement. Rudy said had he not done that, the mafia as it was constituted back then would still be around.

In similar fashion, Rudy is working with Ukranian law enforcement and being a bridge to set up joint task forces with US law enforcement. AG Barr is already accepting Rudy's investigations, interviews, etc., to be officially included in Durham's work and other investigations at the DOJ.

The more I see this unfold, but more I feel like I have a front row seat at one of the major events in US history as it happens in real time. Rudy may talk a little funny, or, let's say, as a dog, he has a weird bark. But man can that sucker bite. :) 

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On 2/14/2020 at 11:26 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Here is Rudy with Steve Bannon.

Common Sense Ep. 7 | EXCLUSIVE Interview with Steve Bannon: 2020 Campaign, Ukraine, and Crooked Democrats

Steve Bannon? Is he the guy who just got arrested on fraud and money-laundering charges?  Speaking of 'crooked.' 

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1 hour ago, william.scherk said:

Steve Bannon? Is he the guy who just got arrested on fraud and money-laundering charges?


The anti-Trump press is spinning this all over the place and it looks like Bannon did do something illegal. But it's not the story being spun.

From a legal standpoint with an interpretation I find credible, here's Mike Cernovich's take. He says he is biased because he is friends with Bannon and admire him, but he has to look at the legalities and the context like the partisan prosecutions by the Southern District of New York (SDNY).

It really is a good analysis. 

I don't have time to do one right now.

From the latest I read, Steve is out on bail ($5 million) and has plead not guilty.

Since this is a Rudy thread, I imagine Rudy himself will weigh in. And that will be relevant.

But this issue is going to drag out for a while, so I think I will start a new thread focused on only that.


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Democrats only pay attention to something when they think their political enemies will be harmed, so they will sit at the edge of their seats watching this one.

And what they will see is their political heroes being slaughtered.

Billy and the rest of them have fallen for this one hundreds of times, large and small. They never learn to identify it beforehand.

This will be another good one, a big one.

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