Weird News about Ayn Rand and Objectivism

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On 7/1/2020 at 1:53 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

... the climate change dudes William brought over to teach us OL Neanderthals about the true truthy science of it all.

That kind of approach ain't working.

Have no fear, the climate censors are here.

Shutting down people, even for things they did not say as with John Stossel here, is the only way these climate change idiots are able to project an image that their voice is important to the general public.

Their voice is not important and the public keeps ignoring them. Meanwhile, people who are sick and tired of their grubby nonstop power grabs get traction with the public.

So the grubby nonstop power grabbers do the only thing they know how to do in the face of stark truth and fact, they try to shut down people who disagree with them. 

But there's an election coming up and someone is pissed. And he knows where their power resides right now.

Once that happens, then even Ayn Rand will get a fair shake on the social media platforms run by the tech giants.


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Here's a cute mention of Ayn Rand from Glenn Greenwald.

This shows that Rand is a cultural force that is not ignored by the current left intellectuals, despite her "official" promoters staunchest efforts to make her irrelevant to today's culture in practical terms, especially political. Ivory clubhouse suits them better.

But out in the real world, Rand has a specific identity that is known far and wide. Part of that identity is effective enemy of the left. They fear her.

She was an independent thinker, not a clubhouse darling. So note well, independent thinkers. You who resonate with Rand, know that you are on the right side of history--for real, not just in clubhouse gossip and posturing.


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