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Thanks for the robust answer Michael.

From the 2020 “Play-Goy” interview.

Hugo Hefner: Ms Rand. You now know that around the 26 to 28 week of gestation an embryo begins to think. So is it moral to abort that child?  

Anne Rand: Is a late term abortion moral? I didn’t know it was a person back in 1981, so it wasn’t murder. Ignorance absolves me of any crimes committed under today’s knowledge and statutes based on what we now know. So I should be forgiven. I was born in 1905 and I have learned a lot in my 115 years. So, do I feel sorry for all those innocents, legally murdered, with my sanction? How dare you conflate a woman’s right to an abortion with murder. A woman has a right to an abortion! What? Of course, a thinking human at any age has a right to life. But NOT at the expense of the mother’s rights, and I have instructed Leonardo to . . . . Wait. Stop that baby from crying! Whose is it?

That needs some work but I am feeling sleepy. If anyone wants to complete or edit my fake interview, feel free to do so. And so to bed. Peter    

Tweaking the Transpersonalists May 31 & June 8, 1998 by Roger Bissell.

. . . .  Quite a while back, I had published an essay "A Calm Look at Abortion Arguments" (REASON, Sept. 1981), in which I used neurophysiological findings then several years old to argue against 3rd trimester abortion. Steven Rose in THE CONSCIOUS BRAIN wrote of late-term fetal awareness; Dominic Purpura's remarks were distributed nationwide via the press. Around 1978, the known threshold for "differential response" and patterned brainwaves (showing the same definite difference between waking and sleeping EEG characteristic of adult human beings) was approximately 24-28 weeks. I see by the findings cited by Gallagher that this really has not budged appreciably in the intervening 20 years. [However, REASON magazine reported about 1991 of findings of perceptual awareness in 20-week fetuses, a report that I had forgotten, since no corroborating reports appeared at that time or since.] We are talking about measurable brain function here--the same kind that is relied on to tell whether or not coma victims are "brain dead." (Contrary to Norwood, who doesn't see how we can tell when consciousness begins in humans, we do it the same way we determine when it ~ends~, with an EEG measurement.) And those functions clearly require a certain minimum physical foundation, which does not exist--at least, not in presently measurable terms--before the 24th week of fetal development (nor after a person's brain has been sufficiently compromised by injury or disease).

With all the incredible advances in measuring this and that aspect of brain functioning in the past 2 decades, it is a striking fact that no evidence to revise the 24th-fetal-week threshold for consciousness has been uncovered. [With the exception of the 1991 REASON magazine report noted above.] Seelig concedes as much by the direction in which his argument goes from there. All of the altered-state stuff is trotted out as if it were proof of something that the subject was aware of hours after his/her parents had intercourse. I'm sorry, but there are an awful lot of impressionable, imaginative people out there who, guided by experimenters and therapists or not, cook up this stuff for one reason or another. It's a whole lot like the false memory syndrome . . . end quote

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Back to the Deep State, if anyone is interested in a great understanding of who Schiff's whistleblower is and what he has done, the following video from October 23 by someone called IPOT (In Pursuit of Truth) is about the best report I have been able to find.

You can't find this video almost anywhere anymore. It has been scrubbed from the web except for BitChute (at least in terms of what I have been able to find).

Click on the image and it will open the video in a new tab.


It's less than 15 minutes, but man does it anchor this whistleblower guy squarely within the top of the Obama administration. And the video goes a bit into his ties with General McMaster, whose hiring was one of President Trump's worst ideas to date (at least Trump corrected this mistake). 

This video gives facts, not fiction. And the ruling class elitists and anti-Trumpers don't want you to know any of this. The proof is they have tried to pull a Stalin on the video. Their mistake (and tell) is that they used way too much firepower against it.

EDIT: You can read some of the stuff in the video here. Thus we have one more failed attempt by the Deep State to screw everyday Americans.


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