The Ukraine Mess

Michael Stuart Kelly

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The Ukraine Mess

We keep seeing the Ukraine mentioned over and over these days in connection with political and financial scandal.

One of the most recent cases is Hunter Biden getting oodles of cash from a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma, as Joe Biden, while VP, shut down an investigation of Burisma, seeing that his son was on the Board and all.

At stake was a cool billion from the US for the Ukraine. 

Here is Joe Biden bragging about it.

Since Biden is currently running for the Democratic Party nomination for the presidency, any time you bring this up, you get swamped with trolls and people yelling and dissembling on all sides.

President Trump is throwing gasoline on this fire, too, in his tweets and rallies. In fact, I believe the Justice Department's different investigations now underway are going to result in Biden convictions, but let's see what happens.

Because of the panic this caused the bad guys, a phone call between President Trump and the new Ukrainian president, Voldymyr Zelenskiy, was the pretext for a fake whistleblower charge that is currently being used as the basis for a Democratic Party House impeachment inquiry against Trump that is not really an impeachment inquiry.

But before we get too entangled, who knows anything about the Ukraine and why it is in such a mess?

I certainly don't, and I've been trying to study this for a while.

Finally, I ran across Amazing Polly once again. Below is her most recent video.

Who knew that Canada and Soros were up to their necks in this mess going all the way back to the old days when the Soviet Union collapsed?

As Polly says in the video, she is giving a partial picture, but at least in what she gives, she lays it all out--simply and well documented--in a manner anyone can understand.

As this thread grows, I hope the Ukraine mess becomes clearer for everyone.

In my own contributions, I will try to find things like Amazing Polly's video, or explain what I have discovered, with an equal level of simplicity and clarity.

btw - To keep this issue tied to Ayn Rand, at least tangentially, I noticed a while back Official Objectivismdom was making inroads over there. I remember thinking at the time, Ukraine? Huh? Why just the Ukraine from that part of the world?

Now my suspicious mind is getting on a roll all by itself. I wonder if all that backroom money being slung around all over the place had anything to do with it...


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I haven't seen this yet, but lots of people I look at have gushed over it, even people who do not like Glenn Beck (except for a guy who is expert in Ukranian corruption named Lee Stranahan who is pissed nobody is attacking Bill Browder--but more on both later on). Also, the search engines are shadow-banning Glenn's video, de-indexing it, etc.

So putting it here is a good place to make sure I will see it later.


While I am at it with long videos, here is the Oliver Stone video Amazing Polly referenced, Ukraine on Fire. Knowing Stone, it will have a hardcore pro-Russian slant, but, from diverse comments I have read so far, it seems to lay out legitimate parts of the story nobody talks about. 

This is another I still have to see.

I will get back to you later on both.


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The White House has asked for a formal vote on impeachment in the House.

From MSN: . . . .Questions about next steps are expected to dominate a Friday afternoon conference call between Pelosi and members of her Democratic caucus. The discussion comes as the White House has pressured Pelosi to hold a formal House vote for an impeachment inquiry, a dare the speaker has no intention of responding to, according to senior Democrats close to the speaker — at least not now.

Newt Gingrich on Fox. The fake impeachment movement taking place is part of an ongoing effort to drive President Trump from office. It is part of a determination on the left that Trump must be expelled from the White House. This coup attempt – which is exactly what it is – has nothing to do with evidence or any single accusation. As House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said when asked what she would do if the whistleblower accusation involving Ukraine collapsed, “We have many other, shall we say, candidates for impeachable offense in terms of the Constitution of the United States, but this one is the most understandable by the public.” In other words, no matter the evidence and no matter how many times President Trump and his team knock down the attack, there will always be another effort designed to drive him from office.

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9 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:



And where was he while speaking so freely about such a massive crime?

Why, at the CFR, of course, the Council on Foreign Relations.

This club has many special members; journalists and newscasters by the many dozens, CIA and FBI Directors, U.S. Senators, Presidents and Supreme Court Justices, Jeffrey Epstein, the Ukraine “whistleblower” and Liddle’Diddler Adam Schitt’s staffers ... 


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On another thread dealing with Sheppard Smith leaving Fox News, William made a reference to Alexandra Chalupa trying to show how evil Trump was bullying the Ukrainians through Rudy, but how confusing it can all get. I have no idea what that had to so with Sheppard Smith or Fox News, but there it is.

Here is the post (with an opening quote chopped off since it is hard to get the copy/paste right quickly and is not all that important):

3 hours ago, william.scherk said:

Who is Alexandra Chalupa?

So, how do we fit together Manafort, Giuliani, Parnas and Fruman, 2014, 'dirt,'  'black ledgers,'  prison, guilty pleas and the churn of reporting? Shukin, Yanukovych, Zarrab, Flynn, Gates  ...

Sometimes it just feels right to take a breath, retreat to an information island, where any harpies in the air are "our (side's) harpies."

The fundamental attribution error covers all situations.

I made some snarky quips, but I know a bit about Chalupa and she would do well to avoid taunting Rudy right now. Her little deal with Adam Schiff and the Deep State isn't going to mean too much for very much longer.

Anyway, I was reminded of Lee Stranahan. He has a thing for Alexandra Chalupa and her convicted bomb-making partner, Brett Kimberlin. He has a bit of history with them, also.


btw - Lee has two funny bad habits, but his information is rock solid. His first bad habit is he meanders all over the goddam place as he refuses to finish one thought before starting a new one. He's not so bad in this video, but sometimes he gets impossible and your eyes glaze over. The second bad habit is that he has been having a cow over the fact that nobody wants to talk about the malfeasance of Bill Browder in all this. Who is Bill Browder?, you might ask. That topic is too much for this post, but we will get to him. 

Anyway, the fact that nobody wants to talk about Browder makes Lee wage war with Dan Bongino, Glenn Beck, Fox News and all of its pro-Trump people, and so on. He constantly rants and raves and calls them liars--not because the facts that they present are wrong. It;s because they don't include Bill Browder in their reports on corruption involving the Ukraine and American politicians. He wages more war on them than he does on Browder. :) 

But his heart is in the right place and, as I said, his facts are, too. Lee knows more about this entire Ukraine mess than anyone in the news. And that means everyone.

Also, I think he is right. If he can get President Trump to say something, anything at all, about Brett Kimberlin, all hell will break loose on the Democrat side. We are talking deep deep doo-doo.



EDIT: Here's a relevant Daily Caller interview with Rudy on Oct. 9:

This thing is causing the Dems massive heartburn. That's why they are now trying to discredit Rudy through a couple of Ukrainian associates, but it's not "taking" with the public.

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