Candace Owens Married a Brit Randian

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Candace Owens Married a Brit Randian

Here is a video right before Candace and George got married.

George said his favorite book is Atlas Shrugged. (See the video about 56:30.) He's a Christian, but he still holds AS as his favorite book. Man, does he gush about it.

This video was especially enjoyable to me because I used to be involved in a biracial relationship. The way race affects them is the same it affected me (and my ex) back then, meaning not at all.

(I don't talk about my ex much because, after all, she is an ex--with everything that means. Like the song goes, all my exes live in Texas, that's why I hang my hat in Tennessee. :) )

Race is something they do with others, not between themselves. I know what it feels like to live this.

It's a hard concept to describe to people who have not experienced it, but look at how these two interact and you will see it perfectly displayed.

But time has passed a little and now Candace Owens is Candace Farmer. 

I am so happy for both of them.

They look like mankind's sweethearts.


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Interesting inter racial British trend, "Ay wat?" I was looking at the Wiki page for The Bahamas which is 90 percent black or black, mixed. Sydney Poitier may be their most famous person, and the Duke of something (York? He married that Non noblewomen) was in charge for 5 years after WWII.  They are still considered independent since 1973 but they are also part of the Commonwealth and the British Navy is on their side. The most wealthy North American countries are the USA, Canada and then the Bahamas in that order. 98 percent literacy rate. Half the population works in the tourist industry. I wish them well. The news said some of the people are sheltering in caves. I searched Bahama caves and they are beautiful. Peter  edit. And "finance" was their next biggest money maker. 

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Well gobbly gook. The cone of the possible paths of hurricane Dorian has us, the Loyal US Citizens of Delmarva under a 100 mph instead of 90 strike possibility. Evacuations are starting in the Carolina's. I saw a story where they were moving people in nursing homes to higher ground. Amazingly, I have only heard of one confirmed death in The Bahamas. 

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