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David Koch - RIP

David Koch has passed away.

Here is a pretty good list of facts from Heavy:

David Koch Dead: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

I have differences with both Koch brothers, but they did put their money where their mouths were--and they funded a lot of good in the world (both product-wise and charity-wise). I won't go into it in this thread, I have mixed feelings and views about their influence (good and bad) on America.

I have no mixed feelings about David Koch's passing.

I grieve the loss of a great man.

As always, the left is disgusting.

Here are three tweets that tell the whole story of how they are reacting to this news.

Bill Maher wasted no time in proving this to get some audience exposure from the trending news.

This tweet mentioned guns. Discussing guns in this context was not my intention, but since it's there in the tweet, for continuity, here is a third view in response to Dana Loesch (an NRA lady).

All this speaks for itself.

David Koch and his influence on America and the world will go down in history. Not so much these lefties.


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