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Vampires and Diversity

Let's do some brainstorming on how to do a comedy of manners, shall we?

Let's wed the social justice movement to vampires and see what we get.

Suppose vampires are real (in the story) and start getting their feelings hurt when they are excluded from society. Suppose they clamor for safe spaces against verbal abuse. Already some funny scenes are coming to mind. :) 

Then they stage a movement about shaming people who stereotype vampires for their need, at no fault of their own, to suck human blood. As the scenes come to mind, it starts getting funnier. Imagine a bunch of vampires chanting "Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame! Shame!" against healthy people who still hog all their own blood and object to the feeding habits of vampires.

And the marches against institutionalized antivampirism.

And, of course, we have to come up with a new language to refer to vampires that is more inclusive, one that appeals to our collective social conscience and is not hurtful. Something like Victims of Sanguine Dependency or VF's, meaning members of the Vital Fluid culture.

Vampires must become part of the social fabric and no longer be discriminated against because they can't help it they were born that way. One vampire's human blood snack is your quinoa, black bean and radish salad with avocado lime vinaigrette, so stop being a dick to them.


I could go on...

Now what if I tell you there are people really doing this?

Such as academic studies in peer reviewed scientific journals?

And they are serious?

All this could be great fun until we realize that the current fad among the Silicon Valley superrich is to get transfusions with the blood of young people, supposedly to reverse aging.

Suddenly the funny went out of it...

This is the kissing cousin of Rand's book by Dr. Floyd Ferris in Atlas Shrugged to prepare the population for obedience: Why Do You Think You Think?

If the bad guys can get people to seriously accept that vampires exist in reality, then care about the feelings of said vampires to the point of sanctioning scientific studies and, potentially, minority protection laws, the bad guys will have taken over their minds.

All that will be left is to bring out the zombies to eat their brains.

Like the lady in the video said, she feels dumber for even discussing this issue...



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3 hours ago, Jules Troy said:

I kinda liked the True Blood series!

I named my "outside," fixed, all shots up to date, pure gray, loving female cat Sookie after the True Blood character, Sookie Stackhouse, played by Anna Pacquin. What a fun series it was. Sookie must be around 10 or 12 years old but she is still going strong. If I pick her up and start petting her, it takes three seconds before she is purring and making bread.

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