Epstein Finally Gets Legally Ensnared for Human Trafficking of Kids

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5 hours ago, Peter said:

Jennifer Grossman is in charge of The Atlas Society. Someone has probably mentioned this before but I just read Jennifer Grossman’s article about her time with Jeffrey Epstein when she was 27 years old. Very interesting.

Interesting reminiscence.

Here is the link for anyone who wants to read it: My Time with Jeffrey Epstein by Jennifer Grossman.

For some reason, I don't like her style of writing. It's probably because of the lack of concretes. As the old saying goes, she talks about her story, she doesn't show it. Well, there was the pink lipstick in the beginning, I could see that, and Epstein's odd comment, I could also imagine that. There was a little more such in the article. But in my mind's eye, I saw her in the vicinity of Epstein at a kind of distance, but I just wasn't able to see her and Epstein together. And that's the name of the article. :) 

Another is the tone of victimhood even as she emphasized that she wasn't a victim. Phrases like "Fortunately for me, I was spared any true trauma" and so on. I don't want to make light of her experience, but right there in the article, she made it clear that we're talking about a beautiful 27 year old lady who was transiting among the rich and powerful. And the fate worse than death was potentially going to bed with a rich dude. I just didn't get the feel of threat. :) 

(Note, I'm talking about her writing style, not what she actually experienced. Also, we know now Epstein was a pervert. But back then? Did people know and feel about it as they do now? I doubt it.)

On the good side, she made some penetrating comments about the soul of people like Epstein, i.e., what they desire, what brings them pleasure. See the quote from her article below (my bold).


Fortunately for me, I was spared any true trauma, not by divine intervention, but ultimately by the fact that I was not really Jeffrey’s type.  I was too Jewish -- not the classically WASPy, Midwestern look he preferred.  I was too old: at 27 I was already 13 years older than Jeffrey’s youngest victim. Ultimately, it was likely less the physical mileage accrued since departing puberty that protected me than the experience gained fending off other predators.  It wasn’t just the ability to maneuver if threatened and retaliate if attacked that likely deterred him. It was that I’d lost the one thing he prized most: the capacity to be hurt deeply for the first time.

Because just as a female bleeds physically when she is penetrated sexually for the first time, a young person is hurt in a unique way the first time he or she is betrayed -- whether by a friend, a lover, an associate or a stranger.  And it is the bewilderment, the pain, the primitive outrage that excites predators like Jeffrey the most.  I was still fresh faced, but I was no longer fresh meat -- at least not to those who relish the moral degradation of the innocent.


Even with my disses, I'm glad Jennifer wrote this article. It shows people in O-Land on the world stage and that's a really good thing.


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