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Disrupting How Progressivism Works in America

Regular Progressivism as a process of political change in America (baby steps) rarely fails, but it's slow. As shown below, there is a tonic. The jig can get blown when a Black Swan (say, a wildcard like President Trump) disrupts the ongoing progress of the ideological-political conveyor belt. The result is that, in panic, the "Progressives" who are progressing a specific agenda will freak and show their cards way too early.

It's the paranoia of a liar who loses the attention of his target and thinks that means he's been busted.

Here's how it works.


1. The Progressives decide on an unpopular position they want to ram down the throats of everyone, which means they get the power to do that and others not only have to take it, they have to pay for it. For example, let's say they wanted the US government to pay for the health care of illegal aliens. They know few people want that, so they first have to put in a foundation and dress it up to make it sound reasonable, even the opposite. Then, from a position of power, present the foundation to the public. President Obama did this with Obamacare.


2. After their "foundation ploy" is out in the open, they fish for displays by the opposition--they actually goad the opposition to get reactions. That way they can bash the opposition with trigger words/phrases and accusations about violating procedures of decency, yada yada yada--and they have prepared all this in advance.

For example, in September 2009, Representative Joe Wilson from South Carolina gave President Obama a gift when he yelled out in Congress, "You lie!" to Obama's claim that no health care benefits would be given to illegal aliens. Obama had been goading the opposition in his speech to the  joint session of Congress and practically daring anyone from the opposition to say anything. Just listen to the booing-like reactions every time he said the opposition was getting it all wrong.

Obama's smirk after Wilson yelled that "you lie" comment said it all, though. You can almost see him think, Ha! That worked better than I expected.

Then he recovered his "serious" demeanor and went on to claim that no federal funds would pay for abortions (but that's a different issue he was ramming down people's throat using this same system, double dipping so to speak). In this post, I will only stay with the issue of illegal aliens getting US taxes in the form of free health care for the sake of making the process very easy to understand.



See the headlines at the time. The condescension and tut-tut-tutting from Progressives was as thick as a ton of cowpiles. The Progressives lived off the fallout (to that and the general wave it created) without any serious pushback for several years. Hell, ripples even extended into the next administration when McCain stopped Obamacare from being repealed in the Senate.


3. But President Trump happened, their Queen designate was not crowned, and the Progressives not only lost their power, they lost their bearings. I don't need to illustrate that. We all know what happened. The result is that their timing on the true intended outcomes of their different policy agendas went seriously haywire and they have been running around in circles ever since.


4. Now they have a shot to regain their power with another election, but they have lost all sense of how their own system works policy-wise, in other words, it is grounded on selling a bait-and-switch through patience, not hysteria or brute force.

(Apropos, brute force is not out of the picture, though. It only comes in at the end if they get real power, not "checked and balanced" power. Then they start the mass killings few of them, only the insiders, realize is coming. See the several major leftie nations where mass graves exist as examples.)

The video below is a perfect example of what happens when someone disrupts the Progressive process in a major way. Don't forget, Obama claimed there is no way the US will pay for the health care of illegal aliens, right?

Just look.

Every goddam one of those Democrats on the first night of the primary debates for the 2020 election raised their hand saying they wanted illegal aliens to get US taxes in the form of free health care.

The truth is, even for Obama back then, that is what they wanted all along.

The rest was bait.

But they screwed up. They just gave President Trump and other Republicans running in 2020 a hell of an image for campaign ads. All because they lost their marbles when someone threw a monkeywrench in the gears of the conveyor belt they were on. They were doing the long con and got stalled by an unexpected event.

Now, in panic, thinking they've been busted anyway, they are unmasking themselves on the long con thinking this is how they are going to get their power back.

Jeez... Talk about discombobulated... I thought they were better as opponents...


The conclusion? We need more Black Swans. We need more disruptive, but productive, people like President Trump. The Progressives will not stop building sandcastles of worship to lousy gods to mold with cement, but a good strong wave before the cement dries collapses them every time.


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I wish I had included the following video (or something similar) somewhere in the post above to frame the position of the progressives correctly. But, OL being a forum and all, here is just fine for understanding and future reference.

Note, this video shows the hypocrisy of the progressives, but that is not the focus of including it. This thread is about persuasion, not the merits of political positions. And hypocrisy on its own never works well as persuasion. But demonstrations of hypocrisy can help frame more persuasive things.

For instance, when you add this video to the one of all the Democrat primary candidates raising their arms to grant illegal aliens free healthcare, you highlight that principles don't have anything to do with what the progressives are about. 

Their thing is power and their unified position in the video Donald Jr. posted is merely their starting point on the immigration issue. At the very moment when they said what they said, they had no intention of being consistent down the line. They were merely getting their game going. The proof is what they say now--as a group. They used to be against illegal immigration and fighting mad about it, and now they are for illegal immigration and fighting mad about it.

What's worse, their later position is not even their end game. Destroying US sovereignty and taking over the land mass and the people on it is their end game.

When seen from that angle, their before and after positions on illegal aliens are fully consistent. They need to weaken border laws and that's one way to do it.

They can get irritating, too, when their method starts working--smugly comfortable, often bug-eyed self-righteous.

Unless they are disrupted by a Trump or something...


Then we get into high comedy.


But as persuasion of the masses, this method is wickedly effective. Not guaranteed, but, still, effective. Lethal if not opposed. That's why this method needs to be constantly uncovered and disrupted.


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