Technology Will Not Change Ever Again

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"Scientists" and "experts" have decided that our current technologies are the end. We won't develop anything new in the future. We won't address any problems with our current usage of devices and the effects that they have on us.

Doom! They've predicted it, so it's settled science.

Hunched backs and double eyelids: How tech-obsessed humans might look in 2100


SCIENTISTS have imagined how humans may look in the future – and it’s not pretty.

Humans in fewer than 100 years may also have claw-like hands from gripping their phones.


Humans of 2100

Eyelids in 2100

huge effect on the body

Tech-obsessed humans in 2100

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That has to be the dumbest thinking I have seen in a long time. Well, since this morning. 19 billionaires who inherited all their wealth and never did anything to earn a bit of it, want there to be a wealth tax. Donate it you morons. If we change the genome to anything bizarre it will be only because the environment has changed, as if we colonize Mars. The changes will be for longevity, beauty, and brains. Peter

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There you go, then!

"...and a smaller brain from leading a largely sedentary lifestyle".

BUT, not only from reduced locomotion,  more, from losing contact with real things, "real" reality - by reduced use of the senses, so, reduced percepts, etc.. I reckon if most people, and long enough, get totally addicted to IT - the data, information and opinion preselected and shaped by others' minds  - 'processed data,'  -  which become one's dominant "reality" diet, one could be at risk of literally "losing one's mind". Man's brain size will adjust/adapt.  Use it or lose it.

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Tony wrote: not only from reduced locomotion, more, from losing contact with real things, "real" reality end quote

My 9yo granddaughter was over today. On the internet she wanted to see beanie babies. Some older big eyed toys for auction on Ebay. Strange animals. Animals that look ferocious but are not. Dinosaurs. She said her teacher said the brontosaurus did not really exist and I responded that some large plant eater did because we have good sets of bones. I found some good sets of triceratops bones on the net, so yup that’s what they looked like, but maybe not as much as the bronto.

Kids get addicted to devices but I think they still want outside stimuli. Because today is 90, she did not want to go out to experience it. We just sprayed for mosquitoes. $99. She likes to look at two gray foxes that scoot around our house but they were a no show.    

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