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PC Culture Wins - Crowder Cowed

This is one of the most amazing videos I have seen.

It's in response to a kerfuffle political right-leaning comedian Steven Crowder has had with a leftie woke-like idiot named Carlos Maza from Vox. Maza constantly attacks everyone he doesn't like and tries to get them shut down in public. He's a pretty nasty piece of work, so Crowder has been attacking him. Now Maza is going to YouTube to get Crowder thrown off the platform for hurting his precious feelings.

So Crowder saw the light and decided to come clean with everyone. 

btw - I recommend you don't have any liquids or food in your mouth when you start watching this video.

:evil:  :) 


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Why do morons like that wear women's jewelry? I don't get it. At least black girly men wear diamonds and not something that looks like beans.  

And tattoos? Ugh. They look like gangrene. And the guys with tattoos on their faces got them in prison. I bet outside of Orange County, 90 percent of California men have stupid tattoos up and down their arms and necks. Just watch the Price is Right and when a guy from California is picked he will have gross tattoos. It's a proven fact. Losers!

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YouTube lashed out, though. It will not suffer principle lightly.

YouTube ends monetization of conservative commentator Steven Crowder's channel, several others after left-wing outrage

Then some deeper intentions became clear--YouTube wants to ban--not just demonetize--people of certain thoughts on the platform:

YouTube will remove thousands of videos supporting white supremacy, Nazis and conspiracy theories that deny the existence of mass shootings and other violent events (GOOG, GOOGL)

And, of course, you can't make omelettes without breaking eggs.

YouTube boots journalists seeking to expose white supremacists and extremism

YouTube deletes award-winning history teacher's World War II videos in 'hate speech' purge

Man are people pissed off--both sides. Everybody is yelling at everybody.

But, as usual, there is always the real story behind the story.

Youtube To Step Up Suppression Of Videos That Don’t Violate Any Rules, Promote News Outlets

The deal is money from crony communications corporations that both advertise on YouTube and need audience. The ideology is a ruse to get at smaller news content creators with humongous audiences--the ones the crony communications corporations think they can get by cheating.

Now why would they want to cheat, I wonder, I wonder? After all, they have the big budgets for their fake news.

To answer that, we have to go back to Vox and see the real real story behind the story. This is why they tried to stir up controversy with a shitstorm at this moment.

Some of the mainstream fake news outlets can't pay their bills anymore. YouTube wants to save them by killing their non-crony-corporate competition.

When you look at the plot points of this unfolding story, you are seeing a Randian story play out right before your eyes. Add the philosophy, a Randian hero, and make the villains look a little more weaselier than they do on the surface (like Ellsworth Toohey, Orren Boyle, etc.) and you have a story worthy of Rand herself. Actually, the Vox dude, Carlos Maza, already looks and acts like a youngish Randian villain without any tweaking.



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It's kind of funny seeing lefties sound like Rand. I don't mean the SJW lefties who are so thin-skinned, they can't handle poo-poo-head-like insults and need safe spaces. You know, the ones who clamor for police protection against contact with ideas that go against their indoctrination.

I'm talking about the "burn this shit to the ground and rebuild it in our image (with us in power)" lefties.

Jimmy Dore is the last kind, although I believe there is a good side to him. (He's the kind that makes me think of the aphorism: The road to hell is paved with good intentions.)

His video below really bears watching.

Take away Jimmy Dore's enemy-bashing comments for audience applause and listen to what he says against Maza re free speech. These comments are as Randian as anyone could ever want, and they are getting just as much applause as the other crowd-pleasing comments--from a progressive audience! 

In the leftwing stuff of not too long ago, you never heard a leftie preach in favor of free speech for their enemies. Sometimes they would mouth something in that direction as a ruse or a gotcha, but what is happening with Dore and so many like him is not a ruse. These lefties literally want free speech for their enemies and they mean it.

Later, if they get massive power, they might want to torture and kill their enemies, or lock them up in reeducation camps and so on (after all, power does corrupt), but for now, free speech for everybody, including their enemies, is a legitimate part of their platform.

(As an aside, this free speech principle will make it hellishly difficult for them to get absolute power like they did in Soviet Russia, Communist China and so on, but that's another topic.)

Talk about moving the Overton Window within the leftie world...

That's something.

And, of course, you know I'm going to say it.

President Trump was a major influence in doing that.


PC censorship had been growing by the time President Obama took office, but Obama massively ramped up its implementation--intellectually through his COBS elitists (Consortium of Behavioral Scientists) and logistically through his crony elitsts in power. Sometimes, hell often, he would use plain vanilla thugs for intimidating opposing voices. 

President Trump came along and shut down covert PC censorship by socking it in the nose--hard--and made the rats come out of the shadows. Now that people can see the rats, people fight them--and, lo and behold--even diehard progressive lefties fight them, and fight them on principle at that.

At root, Ayn Rand has her finger in that, too.


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Here is one more element in the mix.

Traditional media is going belly-up except for places that can get billionaires to bail them out.

Their employees are scared.

They look at Google, especially YouTube, and see independent content creators doing what they do and getting paid with Google ads (which pays the creators and pays Google). Their unions believe they are entitled to Google's money and the independents are the equivalent of scabs.

YouTube is reacting poorly and trying to keep playing nice with corporate money, so it is screwing it's independents (and serving its own political biases to boot).

There are variations around this theme, but it's an interesting aspect. I believe this is a part of the nastiness these days.

The new cronies meet the legacy cronies and only one is getting the pie. So its not pretty.



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