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Just one more bit of history and then I will shut my yap. Yeah right. I can’t shut my yap because the on-off button is still in the up position. I think Kennedy was wrong about a lot, but ask not if he would have not been good for his country. Creepy leftists were suddenly patriots! Comedians were having a field day of “good hearted humor.” Peter   

JFK’s Vietnam Withdrawal Plan Is a Fact, Not Speculation By James K. Galbraith . . . My essays in Boston Review and Salon established that the plan to withdraw US forces from Vietnam by the end of 1965 existed. And that President Kennedy had decided to implement that plan. In 2003, this was controversial. Many historians had denied it. Peter Dale Scott, John Newman, and Arthur Schlesinger were exceptions. They were right, and documents and tapes released under the JFK Records Act proved them right.

The issue was resolved by early 2008 when Francis Bator, who had been President Johnson's Deputy National Security Adviser, opened his reply to my letter in the New York Review of Books with these words: Professor Galbraith is correct [Letters, NYR, December 6, 2007] that “there was a plan to withdraw US forces from Vietnam, beginning with the first thousand by December 1963, and almost all of the rest by the end of 1965…. President Kennedy had approved that plan. It was the actual policy of the United States on the day Kennedy died.

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