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Continuing my journey to apply Objectivsm into Management, I have started a study group.




The study will involve chapter 6, Organization, of the book "Reinventing Management: Organization Ethics from Objectivism". The chapter builds on the Employer-Employee and Employer-Employer relationships from chapter 3, Collaboration. Delving into relationships like creating complementary material values, skill building, wages, and Central Purpose of Life in a skewed social system.

Details of the study-group are here:

The book can be bought here -

Once the study is completed, I will convert the group into a discussion forum for working professionals. The forum will cover topics related to work environment and work culture, career and job related discussions, business counsel etc.


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Just posted following etiquettes for the upcoming study group.

Etiquette is the art of facilitating trade by applying principles and rules of behavior to social situations. In this case we are trading ideas on particular topic, and etiquettes deal with how we should post and interact in the thread.

Here are etiquettes designed specifically for study-group method of discussion.


a. Focus on the Text. The study-group is a text-focused series. This means each participant's weekly post should be either an outline of the text, a summary of the text, a "chewing" on some point in the text, an elaborated question about a point in the text; or an answer to the weekly optional questions about the text.

b. Unacceptable Substitutes. Not acceptable as core subjects of the main weekly posts are: personal comments; mere statements of agreement or disagreement; links to sources other than the particular text which is the object of study; criticisms of the author's style; or debate with the author. Any of these might be appropriate as an aside in the main weekly post.

c. Duplication. Duplication of form is not a problem. Even if, by unlikely accident, all participants were to write the same kind of post (e.g., a summary of the text assigned for the week), the content will inevitably be different.

d. Secondary Posts. Sometimes a secondary post (written after posting an outline, summary, etc. for the week) can increase learning about the text. Secondary posts are optional. Topics might include: showing a connection to another field; asking about the best study method to be employed for a certain text; or describing one's personal experiences with the subject of the text. Of course, these secondary topics, if very brief, can be woven into the primary post.

2. DO

Do address issues, not individual SGO members. If Mike says "X and Y and therefore Z," address his argument, summarized in your own words, but without naming him.

Do remember that no member has an obligation to respond to another member's questions, invitations, or comments.

Do edit for typographical errors.


Do not name other participants in your posts, but instead deal only with ideas. For example, you could write "The notion of 'necessity', as it is traditionally used, implies a false dichotomy of . . . ," instead of "John Smith's bizarre fantasy about 'necessity' in metaphysics . . . " or any other personalized statement.

Do not link to, name, or discuss individuals, websites, or ideas not relevant to the topic discussed in a study group.

Do not quote participants, but instead express their ideas in your own words.


I will be sending the message to the person in case I think the etiquette is violated. And he can edit accordingly, or reply back if there is misunderstanding.

These etiquettes are adapted from etiquettes of Burgess Laughlin's study-group.

Study Group Link is as follows:

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17 hours ago, Brant Gaede said:

There is obviously no sense from you about knowing where you are.


Rohin has been posting since 2017 but sparsely. He has little info on his page. Maybe he likes being a fan of Rand and objectivism without being a showy fan. Some of us have logos or pictures and some posters have their photos. Hmmm? I would say he is conservative, and the shirt looks American made to me, and Gupta sounds East Indian to my ear, but I don't plan on snooping further.   

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