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Deadly Crypto

A proponent of cryptocurrencies and blockchain was just murdered in Acapulco. His name was John Galton, which is a riff off John Galt.

The story, pictures and photos at the links below.

Daily Mail:

Murder in 'Anarchapulco': Girlfriend posts terrifying video after American anarchist, marijuana-activist, bitcoin-trader partner is shot dead by gunmen in their enclave in violence-ridden Mexico tourist resort

and CoinSpice:

Acapulco Cryptosphere Shaken by Murder of John Galton, ‘Anarchaforko’ Founder

It's too early to know why this happened, and, obviously, you can't trust anything coming from the mainstream press, but one thing is clear. Whatever this guy was into, it was serious enough to get him murdered.

At the time of this posting, in the comments to articles and videos online, there are some really nasty creeps celebrating this guy's murder. So if you are hanging around the crypto and anarchism world, be careful. And don't trust anyone for a while.

btw - I had planned to dive headfirst into the crypto and blockchain wave. I got really interested after reading Life After Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy by George Gilder. The book touched on the Acapulco anarchism and crypto events. 

After the news of this murder, I am even more resolved than ever to go in that direction. The powers that be are terrified of blockchain, especially since--so far--this technology can't be controlled by gatekeepers or falsified when used as as a wide resource. And it runs both money and information.

Imagine being an elitist ruling class asshole and not being able to manipulate money and information through falsification. I would be terrified, too, if I were one of them.



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