NH: Liberty Alliance fights to keep legislator salaries at $100/year


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No, the headline is not missing any zeroes... New Hampshire lawmakers really do get paid just 100 dollars a year, plus mileage.

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance is trying to keep it that way by opposing a proposed constitutional amendment that would open a path to increasing this amount.  This amendment would, in their view, threaten the state's tradition of a what amounts to an  all-volunteer legislature.

If you live in state you can contact the committee that will vote on this, at HouseLegislativeAdministration@leg.state.nh.us
I'm projecting that February 4th would be roughly the deadline for contacting them before they decide.

Does your state have an organization that tracks and fights nearly every anti-liberty (not just anti-Republican) move by your legislature? If not, move to NH where we do!

http://www.gencourtmobile.com/Bill/Text/2019/CACR2 - Text of the proposal
http://NHLiberty.org - The Alliance


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