NH: Lawmakers to defy House chamber gun ban


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Just across the street from me, at this very moment, my neighbor has a bunch of people learning to shoot handguns. They are about 150 yards away so it isn't too loud. I have debated the "Openly Carrying Firearms" idea in my own head and I would prefer they not be openly carried. Concealed is fine but I remember I saw one local walking around with a 45 on a belt and I saw no need for it. Wyatt Earp was OK in his day. We have little crime here, so it was a distraction to me, though my in-laws just got ADT home security. County and State Police are easily called and I keep a 410 on top of my dresser. Just random thoughts. An openly carried handgun makes you look like a yokel and a fool.    

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It's right to say that open carry is inferior if you need to achieve tactical surprise on an aggressor in certain situations.  But it's superior for generating discussion and general long term deterrance in a given area.  Or if concealed carry would be illegal for you.  Each type of carry has its place.

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