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Hi All,
       I am happy and proud to have written the book, "RE-INVENTING MANAGEMENT: ORGANIZATIONAL ETHICS FROM OBJECTIVISM".
       In a sentence, the book is about applying Objectivist Ethics and Epistemology in a non-political social space. 
       Specifically and primarily, within the business.

      You can get the book here -

       The book also resolves the question I think is crucial not just for businesses, but every Objectivist.

       "Analyzing Maslow's model of motivation from Objectivist perspective"

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Got a question in another forum, which is relevant here also.


Just curious: what's your background? Have you worked for or managed a large business before?



 “The objective should be to improve the Enterprise, and not just the Enterprise Software.” When Rohin first started working in the field of Enterprise Software, this tweet was the anchoring thought. However, he soon realized, even if he molds himself into the Steve Jobs and Dennis Ritchie of the field, he will not be able to do the Justice the enterprise deserves; that would require fixing the very foundations of the subject that drives the enterprise, the subject of Management.

 Having spent 14 years studying Objectivism, working on Enterprise, Mobile, and Network management software, connecting these to various aspects of life: Rohin Gupta delves into a previously undiscovered aspect of Management Science and Philosophy, a set of practically applicable theories, in the form of Principles applied to concrete aspects of business.


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