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Escapist Night in Canada

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So far I have had a great one, this being Opera Day and classic movie afternoon (One Million Years BC! Why did it never win an Oscar? One quibble though, besides the injustice of sacrificing blondes to the Sun just because they were blonde, one of them, if you look carefully, is not even a natural blonde!! Talk about tough breaks in the Jurassic!) )r whenever. Anyway, as one of them, I always root for the dinosaurs.

But there is no escaping from the sorrows of  the world for a whole Saturday, and at the crown of it, tonight's game is in Pittsburgh. The Penguins have "stronger than hate" on their jerseys. The Toronto fans brought a huge "love is stronger" maple leaf flag. The anthem singer made me cry.

Of course I am used to crying at hockey games, but that was usually because I'm a Leafs fan.

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8 minutes ago, Brant Gaede said:

Then there's the brunette who's not really a real brunette. She's really a blonde.


She definitely deserves her own sequel, and as a former brunette I am willing to act as her acting coach. The complexities of continuous changes of hair colour, or even only a few of them, or maybe only one, were probably as dramatic a million years ago as now..

- Blue Picasso, stylist to the stars

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