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Janice Fiamengo is worth a Listen

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There's another Canadian lady who is doing a backlash against radical feminism: Diana Davison. (That's a link to her YouTube channel.)

You might like her stuff. She's helped different Canadian lawmakers and law enforcement agencies defending falsely accused men.

She used to start her videos by saying 5 more seconds have passed and she hasn't been raped yet. :) 

There's something about this resistance that feels like a smoldering prairie fire waiting for the right wind to blaze up.


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Michael, thanks. Will check her out. Next to this so-called Feminist Third Wave, it makes one miss the original feminists like Betty Friedan. There was then justice and rationality in their cause, against existing paternalism and patriarchy, tho the methods or arguments of many weren't too tasty. This lot are pathetic and should be told their war's over, and ignored. I like how Janice coolly slaughters these egalitarian 'scientists' and feminists and parallels their rage to The "revolution of rising [and disappointed] expectations" - which explains some of what's going on in academia. No one likes finding one has little ability in a field, especially when everybody has kept assuring the youth they "can do anything". (Yes, we can!..?). Personal failure has to be a failure of society, therefore... and don't dare let it be re-revealed what has been always obvious, that more men excel than most women in mathematics, etc.

So, as a collective, women haven't and can't equal men in STEM careers. Live with the fact. But they won't-- you can hear lately the current meme from the intellectual Left and feminists: "Reason and logic is a white male construct";  no kidding - what a shrewd way to excuse and evade their general lack of success in science and math (not to mention philosophy..)

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