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How the liberals deal with women who get too sassy for them.


For clarification, Jordan Hunt, the genius with the foot, was just arrested--see here at Breitbart: #Resistance Man Who Assaulted Pro-Lifer Arrested. Also here from the Toronto Police Service: Man arrested in Assault investigation, Jordan Hunt, 26.

For further clarification, the tweet above is from a Jordan Hunt parody account. I hate to call bullshit on Breitbart, but as of my post right now, it has several tweets from the "jordan_hunt18" account and nobody over there checked to see if it was really Hunt's account or a parody one.

I mean, come on. Some of the tweets are hilarious. You Breitbart people post the following and don't realize something is weird? Jeez... :) ... LOL.. 

To the Breitbart people: You can't fight fake news by publishing a different form of fake news. Get your act together.


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