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Creepy in Politics

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Creepy in Politics

Pedophilia in politics.

So many politicians...

So many...

I'll start the thread with this case.

In case something happens and Twitter takes this down, here is the direct link to the Daily Mail article from last March:

EXCLUSIVE: The indictment that reveals the pedophile past of a key Robert Mueller witness who met with Trump, Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush

George Nader is a 'co-operating witness' in the investigation into Donald Trump's alleged collusion with Russia – 
Nader was thrust into the limelight after giving evidence to the special counsel as part of his probe into Russian meddling in the US election
Nader is known to have met Trump at least once and had a close relationship with a key fundraisers for the president
DailyMail.com has unearthed a 30-year-old document alleging Nader was found with a stash of child pornography while living in Washington DC in 1984
It states that Nader was brought up on two charges - mailing obscene matter and the importation of obscene matter

How's that for a political fundraiser?

Makes you wonder how fundraising in politics works, at least with some donors.

I wonder why Mueller let him leave the country. He had to have known about this problem. After all, Mueller was the G Man of G Men in his time, the very image of FBI integrity. The most moral of the moral. Mixing sainthood with cunning. Nothing got past him, huh?


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And there's this, of course...

Mueller was the one who gave sex offender Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal?

What's going on with Mueller?


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A pedophile who does not act on his desire to molest kids is sick. If he acts on his desire then it is a crime. The storing of "pictures" is a bit more in need of explanation but I also think that should be a crime, because people along the supply chain are profiting from the crimes against children.

For admitted or supposed  pedophiles like Michael Jackson there should be action on the state and federal level to keep them away, or restrained from being near children.      

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