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Starting and Creating a Work of Visual Art from a Blank Page

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I have developed a technique for starting and creating visual works of art, for example, and it is not limited to, paintings or drawings. It is a method for creating the central idea for the work, the characterizations, thematic ideas, and the related concretes.

There may be parallels with the well known "writer's block"; however, my technique is not a method to omit impediments for working. Rather, it is a constructive method.

The technique is a workable epistemological method for the artist, and it is also a practical practical method for constructing the work and setting it forth in material and perceptible media.

There may be an extension of the method insofar as written works; and that would need to be demonstrated. I won't cover writing if I post an article; however, I would need to post examples that I have made, that are color pastel paintings or drawings. The demonstrations related to the text are important to the understanding. 

The technique is called, "Scribble Technology", just to give it a constructive handle.

If this is the place to discuss the new idea, and if the matter of image file size is not a problem please let me know.

Ralph Hertle


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