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1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


Not even close.

These scammers use NDA's and a good story "just between us" and so on. They know the fake will eventually get busted, so they set their environment to buy as much time as possible.

The thing with Kamala Harris was more like a meme and was made to spread as quickly as possible and hang there in the culture like an oil spill on a flock of birds. It was made to humiliate, sort of like Alex Baldwin's imitation of President Trump. Gross mockery with contempt.

The principle is "the more eyes, the more scrutiny." Deep fakes are not yet perfect so a suspicious person will have things to look at as time goes on, and I think some AI tools are starting to appear for this, too. But deep fakes are pretty damn convincing.

That's why they work best on in-and-out stings or for duping a large group of people who hold the same belief for a short period of time.




2 hours ago, ThatGuy said:

So does that reopen the possibility that the Kamala Harris video (the one with the blackened eyes) was possibly a fake, as some were speculating?

Dangit. I meant to write "...was possibly NOT a fake". Sorry, wasn't fully awake, yet. Need more cofvefe.



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Classic Objectivism absolutely opposes anti-trust. What wasn't addressed back then was State charted, created, sponsored corporations. There are 50 States. Where is there the room for public corporati

I find it a little ironic that on the one hand I advocate for a system where there would be little to no public property, state media, public utilities of any kind.  Where all is privately owned, trad

You may each refer to case number 2018-03. The clerk at the Compliment Clinic will take your statements and collect fees:    

Posted Images

The trial of the century ... may soon begin.


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Just so people understand a legal point, here is an explanation about QAnon.

This word is actually an agglomeration of two parts representing two different things.

Q is a person or group of people who communicate through "Drops." This started on 4Chan, but now there are a few sites where the drops can be found (for example, QAlerts), but as far as I know, there is no way to know if this is official since nobody knows who Q is.

Q supplies the puzzles, so to speak. And Anon works on solving the puzzles. 

Anon is a non-organized bunch of individuals who take the Drops and talk about them in public, mostly on the Internet. Oddly enough, most of these individuals are not anonymous. Of course, there are other groups that use "Anon" as their name or part of their name. But within the context of Q, Anon means this non-organized bunch.

So QAnon is not an entity, nor even a group. It merely became fashionable to link Q and Anon together into one word as a sort of shortcut.

This is why you don't see "QAnon" listed among the plaintiffs in the Complaint and Demand for Jury Trial in William's post above.


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Jack Dorsey just made a laughing stock out of himself in front of the whole world. Ted Cruz asked him if he thought Twitter could influence an election.

He said: no. People have a choice to get their information elsewhere. Then he mumbled some things about spectrum and so on.

Cruz said, that being the case, why censor anyone over their political beliefs, especially the New York Post?

And do you know what his response was? "We're not doing that."


Watch for an avalanche of memes and everything else.

230 is coming.

And once President Trump wins, I bet these tech giant CEO's will not be so haughty and flippant.

Here's the video from CSPANs YouTube account.


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2 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

This is the strongest President Trump has ever spoken against big tech.

And he's doing it on a big tech site.


It's coming...


Don't know if it's just me, but twitter links are not showing up as embedded. It's naked html and the link doesn't work unless I open it in a new tab.

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Too big to panic ?

I think there is panic out there , but I doubt Alphabet Inc is overly concerned with one country's election. They will do what they can to help whoever will provide the path of least resistance to further their goals.

Panic will come when all the server farm locations are posted .


er I mean: Panic would come if all the server farm locations were posted. :)

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1 hour ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Many people are saying this is a sign of panic by big tech.

This seems a good place to ask something I've been wondering about, which is:

Michael, what’s the status with your hosting service?  (I keep forgetting the acronym, IPB?)

Thus far there don’t appear to have been attempts to crack down on what we say, which is (except for William's stuff) content definitely not on board with leftist narrative.

Can we expect to go on being allowed to talk freely - or are there some sort of policy guidelines which might be brought into play to censor us?

And...I hope you keep regular back-ups in case of material being taken down by the hosting service.


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2 hours ago, Ellen Stuttle said:

Can we expect to go on being allowed to talk freely - or are there some sort of policy guidelines which might be brought into play to censor us?

And...I hope you keep regular back-ups in case of material being taken down by the hosting service.


I seriously doubt any kind of censorship will reach OL. This is a paid platform, not a free one. The free one is where the censorship occurs (maybe with a few exceptions, although I never hear about them).

I have an excellent relationship with a couple of the tech support guys and I am sure I could get info from them.

As to back ups, they are done regularly and automatically.

If we ever get to a censorship problem, I know enough black hat stuff to get new hosting on the dark side and I can't see the IPB (Invision Power Board) people denying me my backups. OL is both hosted on their cloud hosting platform and it licenses their forum software.

I don't have an automatic Plan B for this contingency, but in a pinch, I know where to slap one together. At root, I am pretty sure we are in good shape censorship-wise.

In fact, one of the reasons I never made an OL Facebook page or something like that, is because I want no big tech censorship here. A while back, William, trying to be helpful, tried to set up some kind of OL Twitter account and I asked him to not do that. He graciously complied.

Imagine all the Ayn Rand groups on Facebook right now.

Zuckerberg has been caught funding hundreds of millions of dollars in activities that like look like election fraud. And President Trump is on the warpath to send big tech's Section 230 liability protection to outer space. Once all this happens, Facebook could shatter.

We won't.



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It's even worse.


The article:

Gmail, YouTube, Google Docs and other services go down simultaneously in multiple countries


Not much more to update yet but we’re seeing and getting word from others that multiple Google  services have gone down. Gmail, YouTube, Google Drive, Google Docs, Maps, Adwords and Adsense, and Google Pay are all experiencing outages, with dozens, even hundreds, of reports we’ve seen so far coming in from across Europe, the US, Canada, India, South Africa, countries in Central and South America,  Australia and likely more.

Downtime site indicators are showing big spikes for services dropping starting from around 11.30AM UK time. itself appears to still be working, albeit sluggishly. Ditto Chrome.

So far we aren’t seeing any explanations for what is going on — please get in touch if you know something, I’m on Twitter here and do read direct messages and replies. No point in emailing me!

Mainly, though, it’s an unprecedented failure for a system that has grown to be one of biggest traffic and activity drivers on the internet.

I can't resist a little snark.

I wonder how they're going to censor the Internet against President Trump now...


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4 hours ago, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


This reminds me of the voting machines going down.

A Great Reset like with the phony ballots?

Who knows? But man are people suspicious.

I know I am.

To be fair, since we can only guess at this point, it could have been the other way around. Google might have shut down to get rid of the anti-Trump and (in the USA) treasonous algorithms and similar stuff because it kinda figured out what is getting ready to go down.

I don't give that one great odds, but at least I mentioned it.


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I still use Facebook despite all the crap they did against President Trump.

I don't know for how long, though. I might keep the account open due to Internet Marketing groups I belong to that came with IM products I bought. I'll see.

But when I scroll to see if anything catches my eye, there is only one thing I stop to look at with regularity. It's a guilty pleasure.

I love watching videos of animals being rescued. I've seen a kangaroo, a sea gull, an elk, a wildcat, and so on being cut loose from entanglement in wire (usually from a fence), a bucket sawed off the head of a bear and a sea otter, countless dogs and cats rescued from all kinds of scrapes (a lot of them in water or ice), an elephant calf and a llama removed from a sinkhole, a beached shark put back into the water, and on and on. The ones I love the most are animals being rescued from starvation and neglect, then filmed months or years later in full health. The worst case was an emaciated pony who had been neglected for 10 years. The hoofs had grown into big spirals that looked like ram horns, only they were on the pony's feet. It could hardly walk. The "after" video was amazing.

When I get feeling down, I look at these things and I feel good.


Also, they put me in the same trance story does. The more I work on story, the more I believe a super-focused tracking state is the base of the trance.

As soon as I find a way to randomly stumble across animal rescue videos elsewhere, I will no longer use Facebook for this.


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I'm having fun watching Jack Dorsey lie to himself. The fun is I think he actually believes his own bullshit.

Rather than post a bunch of tweets, here is the text of them in one quote.


I do not celebrate or feel pride in our having to ban @realDonaldTrump from Twitter, or how we got here. After a clear warning we’d take this action, we made a decision with the best information we had based on threats to physical safety both on and off Twitter. Was this correct?

I believe this was the right decision for Twitter. We faced an extraordinary and untenable circumstance, forcing us to focus all of our actions on public safety. Offline harm as a result of online speech is demonstrably real, and what drives our policy and enforcement above all.

That said, having to ban an account has real and significant ramifications. While there are clear and obvious exceptions, I feel a ban is a failure of ours ultimately to promote healthy conversation. And a time for us to reflect on our operations and the environment around us.

Having to take these actions fragment the public conversation. They divide us. They limit the potential for clarification, redemption, and learning. And sets a precedent I feel is dangerous: the power an individual or corporation has over a part of the global public conversation.

The check and accountability on this power has always been the fact that a service like Twitter is one small part of the larger public conversation happening across the internet. If folks do not agree with our rules and enforcement, they can simply go to another internet service.

This concept was challenged last week when a number of foundational internet tool providers also decided not to host what they found dangerous. I do not believe this was coordinated. More likely: companies came to their own conclusions or were emboldened by the actions of others.

This moment in time might call for this dynamic, but over the long term it will be destructive to the noble purpose and ideals of the open internet. A company making a business decision to moderate itself is different from a government removing access, yet can feel much the same.

Yes, we all need to look critically at inconsistencies of our policy and enforcement. Yes, we need to look at how our service might incentivize distraction and harm. Yes, we need more transparency in our moderation operations. All this can’t erode a free and open global internet.

The reason I have so much passion for #Bitcoin is largely because of the model it demonstrates: a foundational internet technology that is not controlled or influenced by any single individual or entity. This is what the internet wants to be, and over time, more of it will be.

We are trying to do our part by funding an initiative around an open decentralized standard for social media. Our goal is to be a client of that standard for the public conversation layer of the internet. We call it 

@jack | Dec 11, 2019
Twitter is funding a small independent team of up to five open source architects, engineers, and designers to develop an open and decentralized standard for social media. The goal is for Twitter to ultimately be a client of this standard.

This will take time to build. We are in the process of interviewing and hiring folks, looking at both starting a standard from scratch or contributing to something that already exists. No matter the ultimate direction, we will do this work completely through public transparency.

It’s important that we acknowledge this is a time of great uncertainty and struggle for so many around the world. Our goal in this moment is to disarm as much as we can, and ensure we are all building towards a greater common understanding, and a more peaceful existence on earth.

I believe the internet and global public conversation is our best and most relevant method of achieving this. I also recognize it does not feel that way today. Everything we learn in this moment will better our effort, and push us to be what we are: one humanity working together.

The subtext is easy to discern.

Orange man bad, so I banned him. I know I stepped in it, but Twitter will later go on a decentralized platform as soon as I can figure out how to be the gatekeeper without telling anyone. Holy shit! Look at all that fucking blowback! Come on, folks. Don't just blame Twitter. Others did it, too. And, no, we did not collude. Why would anyone ever think that? By the way, orange man bad.



What a load of bullshit.

He's worried. Reality is starting to penetrate through the mescaline fog as the thought arises from nowhere: What the fuck did I just do?



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Parler is back up. Not usable yet, but back up.


When you click on that link, here is what it looks like right now. This will change, obviously.


I hope Parler comes back right this time. I would like to see something like this involve a Randian, even one on the ARI side. So I also hope Amy Peikoff continues.

But Parler really damaged its brand deleting posts by Lin Wood right at the very end before Amazon shut them down.

We shall see what happens. My gut tells me Gab got the jump on them for top political celebrities on the Trump side, but maybe an underlying networking force between the celebrities will keep many of them on Parler.


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