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4 hours ago, tmj said:

If Google is to Coca-Cola, blank is to Pepsi ?

I use MSN and Yahoo on my home page/ it pops up with MSN and Yahoo is a choice on the top bar. I usually search with both. If I am bored with MSN I switch to Yahoo. To me it's Google is to NeHi. Remember it? I used to get their orange if I was on the road and thirsty. 

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It looks like Joe Rogan is jumping ship from YouTube to Spotify and one of the main issues is YouTube censorship. The other is money--a cool $100 million.

Alex Jones has said he will be the first guest of Joe over at Spotify on September 1. This might be hyperbole since, halfway through the video, Tim cut out a section where he stopped recording and had a call with Joe to discuss all these things. Joe told him that, yes, he and Alex talk and he will interview Alex on his show, but Alex likes to embellish things with bombast.

The sleaziest thing I learned about YouTube on this video is that after Alex Jones was banned, nobody could have their videos monetized anymore on YouTube if they showed excerpts from Alex or discussed him as a major topic. However, right before Joe was going to interview Alex--on YouTube--Joe got in contact with YouTube to advise them and they turned the monetization back on for that interview. After all, with the huge spike in Joe and Alex's audience numbers when an interview like this happens, it was easy money...


Well, no one can accuse YouTube of consistency or having a single standard in dealing with its audience and content creators.

I agree with Tim. I believe this event will be great for dismantling some of the tech giant censorship of conservative voices.

It has to be said, though, that Alex Jones was banned by Spotify back when there was a coordinated effort to get him off the major social media platforms. Now Joe is going to Spotify. It seems like they promised him they will not censor whoever he interviews, including Alex.

So we will have to see what happens. It's going to be fun watching the ride.


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