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7 hours ago, william.scherk said:

Cambridge Analytica shenanigans pays off for Facebook.


It sure did.

It's a perfect smokescreen for what Facebook has really done to influence the elections. And not just in the US.

The Cambridge Analytica outrage is small potatoes that's surfing on Trump hatred. It's not as grievous as the way elitists (including Maddow) jacked up some bozo Russian meme makers, who they said swung the election for Trump by posting a small number of memes on Facebook. But it's still the same animal. While the press prompts people to look at Cambridge Analytica as it feigns outrage, Facebook does much, much worse behalf of the elitists, especially those on the left.

I'm glad to see Maddow on her "muh Russians" gig, though. She's working hard to help reelect President Trump.


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Notice how the spin is that the Trump allowed the meddling in the last Presidential election? Fox had a new video of Joe Biden talking about Russian and other meddling in the last Presidential election. He said something like this didn't happen on the Obama / Biden watch. But Joe? It did. You were IN POWER in 2016 and Trump didn't get sworn in until January 2017 if I have my calendar dates right. So Jobama allowed the meddling and they should be held accountable.

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On 6/27/2019 at 11:33 PM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:


Polly ties the modern Smart City concept to a similar villa project during the French Revolution and she even talks about the lady from Google that James O'Keefe busted above in this thread.

If you know nothing about Smart Cities, this video will educate you in no time flat and in an interesting manner to boot. Seriously.

For those who noted the references to Masdar City ...


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