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1 hour ago, william.scherk said:

I meant to download an excerpt from the full show, but didn't.  Now it seems at least one Infowars-branded Youtube channel has been emptied ...


I found the video on Real.Video. (btw - Thanks for the Real.Video tip re a different matter.) You can see it in this very thread at two places, here and here.

Now we can put away the smelling salts, stop worrying about YouTube's policies re Alex Jones, and get back to pedophiles in Hollywood.

Sadly, is there a lot of stuff to include.

I can't work at this for too long at a time because it depresses the hell out of me, then gets me pissed off, then entangled in an emotional stew with mixed messages. It drains my soul, but it has to be done.


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I manage to track down, save, and upload the Four Banned Videos that may have started this round of Youtube/Spotify/Facebook/iTunes/Pinterest deletion ...



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On 7/29/2018 at 7:34 AM, Michael Stuart Kelly said:

Here is a second-tier actor who probably just trashed his career. Maybe his life. If he dies soon, I, for one, will use that as an indication he was pissing off the wrong people for the right reasons. 

 His name is Isaac Kappy. He was an actor in Breaking Bad, Thor, Fanboys, Terminator Salvation, and other movies and TV shows. He's also a writer and musician.

He dropped some heavy names as pedophiles (Spielberg, Tom Hanks, Clare Bronfman heiress to Seagram's--who just got arrested, usual suspects like Kevin Spacey, etc.) and is daring people to sue him. In fact, he mentioned a lot of names. He said everybody in Hollywood knows what he knows, but everybody is scared to say anything. He also talked about the blackmail angle behind it all and defended some people he said were falsely accused as pedophiles, like Michael Jackson.

He won me over when he said Stephen Colbert is a pedophile and trashed John Podesta (Colbert's bud). :) 

I can't believe all his says at face value without more evidence, after all, he talks about some fringe sites among the more credible stuff, and I know he is an actor and actors act, but my gut reaction to this video is that he fully believes in what he is saying and he's scared.

I like to go with my gut. So that tells me this may not be the fire, but it is credible smoke.

This topic needs to stay alive in the public to make sure lots of formal investigations are performed by lots of different law enforcement agencies. This crap has gone on for way too long.


Actor who accused Spielberg found dead.


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I guess enough time has passed for the Clinton machine to kick in.

Kevin Spacey Accuser Dies in Midst of Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Spacey was superfriends with Bill. There are stories of him using Clinton's limousine while he was president. And what did he use the limousine for? As the story goes, he liked to get blow jobs from young men in the back seat while the chauffeur cruised major avenues in Washington DC.

Rush Limbaugh once asked a very interesting question. He asked how many people do you personally know, who you talked to and interacted with, who died in mysterious circumstances or committed suicide? For most people, the answer is zero. 

How many for the Clintons?

The answer varies depending on whose list you look at, but the result is always many.


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On 2/25/2019 at 4:34 PM, Jon Letendre said:

Ed Buck kills young black men in his home with impunity. The cops know what’s going on. They want to stay alive, too. So Buck (pal of Liddle’ Schitt) and Spielberg, etc. are still free, untouchable men.


It's finally going down:

Democratic donor Ed Buck arrested and charged with running drug den

And this just to stir things up...

Don't forget, Ted Lieu and Adam Schiff of "muh Russians!" fame, are best buddies.

Anyway, after three overdoses with similar characteristics, we can safely say Ted Buck liked 'em black and he liked 'em dead.

I can't wait until he has to do his 50 hours of community service as punishment.

btw - That's a quip, that is if President Trump is involved. In that case, Buck is in some serious deep doodoo.

If President Trump is not involved, it's not a quip.


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Sick little motherfuckers losing their protection. This guy was powerful —precisely nothing happened to him the first two times his fetish went flatline. Normies struggle with this type of evidence but it is plain and clear evidence that balances of power behind the scenes have changed dramatically, and this has reached California. Get out your popcorn.

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Here is a really creepy Hollywood case.

Steven Spielberg's daughter Mikaela launches porn career: I'm ready to 'capitalize on my body'

Sugar Star.

That's her porn star name.

From the article.


Steven Spielberg’s 23-year-old daughter Mikaela has announced a new career in producing and starring in porn videos, saying she’s finally ready to “capitalize” on her body.

Ms. Spielberg told The Sun in an interview published Wednesday that she recently revealed to her parents that she is entering the sex industry by the name “Sugar Star” and that they were “intrigued” but ultimately supportive.

. . .

Ms. Spielberg’s porn resume consists of mostly fetish work and “solo stuff,” but she said she won’t have sex with another person on camera, out of respect for her fiancé, 47-year-old Chuck Pankow.

She also spoke out about her mental health issues, including alcoholism and borderline personality disorder, as well as the years of sexual abuse she suffered as a child at the hands of “predators” in the entertainment industry, though she clarified that none of those predators are from her family or their circle of friends.

The Spielbergs sound like great adoptive parents, huh? 

Just curious. Where the hell were they when she was being abused by sexual predators in the entertainment industry?

And now they are merely "intrigued" when she tells them she wants to be a porn star?


I don't always agree with Stefan Molyneaux, but he nailed my own thoughts and feelings in this video.


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