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World Cup 2018

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On 7/3/2018 at 8:55 PM, caroljane said:

Is there anything more sublime than Men in Shorts, striving?

Yes! Men and Women in Suits, elected leaders of their countries, getting rained on  like losers, which only one of them was, while the host gets 4 umbrellas, Vlad's good friend Trump must have laughed his ample you know what off about this, especially when that overweight woman whose country lost the game got her country's team jersey drenched. And Macron's wife will be furious his new Armani is now ruined!

It was a great game actually and the rain must have been a relief to the exhausted players. I watched it at my son's place and regret to say that his friends made sport of the one-umbrella -3 leaders situation, if USA had made the final. Their odds were that POTUS would have elbowed the fat lady out of the way to get his hair under shelter.

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