Competition and Truth in the Market for News

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This article was published ten years ago, but it remains very relevant to the present -- fake news, competition between print and the internet, and on the internet.

One of the topics covered in the article is the Washington Post's publication of the Pentagon Papers, which is also the topic of the recent movie The Post.

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It is interesting how a majority of people can be gulled into thinking something is true. The old west lynch mob cliché or the Frankenstein mob cliché are two examples that can happen without the press being involved.  But I also remember reading about William Randolph Hearst and how he shaped public opinion. He promoted his lady love as a great actress and got her into some movies. One movie I saw was acted somewhat amateurishly. So many hoaxes are out there about bigfoot or aliens. I remember the Mystery Spot which I think is in California that isn’t a mystery but weird stuff does happen there.

I wonder if there will ever be an expose of the left's lies from more people who are not quickly painted as "the fringe" like Dinesh De Sousa. Now Alex Jones and Glenn Beck lack credibility because they have no concept of the scientific method or "truth."     

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The Supreme Court decision to allow taxation on internet sales is a complicated issue. I buy stuff over the internet like gym clothes, shoes, and I use Amazon a lot. Amazon ”Prime” is extremely easy to use and the prices are low. I also use Barnes and Noble gift cards I get to buy fiction and the occasional crossword puzzle book.  Peter

Which of the below are fake news? Some of today’s headlines from Town Hall:

Pope Denounces Trump’s Border Policy as 'Immoral'–but Hailed Fidel Castro for His 'Contributions to World Peace' by Humberto Fontova

Congress Is Broken... and Spineless by Michael Reagan

Thoughts on Crying Babies, Dying Babies, and Media Deception by Michael Brown

SCOTUS Puts Internet Sales Tax in Play by Peter Roff . . . .The sweet deal that cut into the ability of stores like Toys R US to survive is now at an end. Some will mourn the end of what they thought was smart shopping that took advantage of a loophole to lawful and legally reduces the amount of taxes paid. What it really was though was tax evasion. Most states have on the books a requirement people who purchase things from another state and have it shipped to them voluntarily remit the sales tax they would have paid if they'd made the purchase at the local mall . . .

US prepares for North Korea's return of American war remains | AP News

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