my song "To Venus and Mars" to be used by The Voices of Vienna


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I was recently asked by an organization called The Voices of Vienna for permission to use my song "To Venus and Mars" at a concert on April 13.

The attached has been created for this event. I am referred to on page 2, as "Rawlings." I love the Vienna and Franz Lehár connections! Lehár was my original inspiration to start writing music.

It is especially pleasing to me because this song expresses the Objectivist metaphysics in an essential sense.

voices of vienna concert poster, all, re venus.jpg

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Is there a URL with the melody available.  I would like to hear the song.

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Thanks for your interest. Below is a video of the premiere in Chicago. (Note: In the middle section she sings the word 'strange,' but it should be 'vain.')



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