This scene still gives me goose bumps....

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The best horror movie of all time? Condensed dialogue from “The Sixth Sense.”

Cole Sear: I'm ready to tell you my secret now.

Dr. Malcolm Crowe: Okay.

Cole Sear: Come closer.

Cole Sear: I see dead people. They don't know they're dead.

Dr. Malcolm Crowe: Where are they?

Cole Sear: Everywhere.

Cole Sear: Stuttering Stanley!

Stanley Cunningham: Excuse me.

Cole Sear: You talk funny when you went to school and you talk funny all the way to high school! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! Stuttering Stanley! . . . .

Stanley Cunningham: SHUT UP . . . YOU. . . FREAK!

Cole Sear: She wanted me to tell you she saw you dance. She said, when you were little, you and her had a fight, right before your dance recital. You thought she didn't come see you dance. She did. She hid in the back so you wouldn't see. She said you were like an angel. She said you came to the place where they buried her. Asked her a question? She said the answer is . . . 'Every day.' What did you ask?

Lynn Sear: Do . . .  Do I make her proud? 

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“Next!”  Is there such a thing as destiny, fate, or causal *determinism*? I saw a movie tonight on Netflix that explores those themes and the answer is “No.” *Volition* exists and it matters. The movie was “Next,” with Nicolas Cage. But you need to suspend your disbelief as Edgar Allen Poe said and accept one basic premise; the character’s ability to know what is going to happen in the very near future. But can he change what is to occur?   

From Wikipedia. ”Next”: Las Vegas showroom magician Cris Johnson has a secret which torments him: he can see a few minutes into the future. Sick of the examinations he underwent as a child and the interest of the government . . . .” end quote

The movie is Science Fiction and it is intelligent and riveting. Any Fan of Rand, any scientist or any determinist should watch that movie and ask themselves “Where does the plot go wrong?” Peter

Notes. Nicolas Cage's lineage includes Hollywood royalty, so he changed his surname to distance himself from his über-famous director uncle and to avoid the appearance of nepotism. His famous family's surname? Coppola.

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The action scenes rival a James Bond  movie but the acting is better. It has an all star cast. t was very enjoyable to my wife and I and I can't stop thinking about it.  The movie is  "The Accountant." 

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More Ben Affleck and many scenes gave me goose bumps. “Gone Baby Gone,” 2007. I had a tough time with this movie but I do recommend it. As an objectivist and fan of Rand it had so many morally questionable acts I was floored. It was the first movie Ben Affleck directed. What do you think?

From Rotten Tomatoes. Ben Affleck's adaptation of Dennis Lehane's novel Gone, Baby, Gone stars Casey Affleck as Patrick Kenzie, a private investigator from working-class Boston who takes on a case involving a kidnapped girl. The girl's aunt begs Patrick to take the case because he has connections to criminal Boston that the police do not. He agrees and along with his partner, Angie Gennaro (Michelle Monaghan), they uncover a web of corruption that threatens the relationship between the two. Ed Harris and Morgan Freeman co-star as members of the Boston Police Department. ~ Perry Seibert, Rovi

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"77 Sunset Strip." I was watching a bit of the newer (93?) “Fugitive” movie with Harrison Ford just now. I started thinking about old TV shows that probably can’t be shown today because they are too Un PC. When I looked the following up I did not remember Connie Stevens was the female lead singer.

Weird lyrics? "Kookie, Kookie (Lend Me Your Comb)" is a song written by Irving Taylor and performed by Edward Byrnes and Connie Stevens. It reached No. 4 on the U.S. pop chart, No. 27 on the UK Singles Chart, and No. 30 on the U.S. R&B chart in 1959.[1] The song was featured on Byrnes' 1959 album, Kookie Star of "77 Sunset Strip".[2] It was based on Byrnes' character from the television show, 77 Sunset Strip. The song is mostly spoken, except when Kookie sings the bridge section: "I've got smog in my noggin' ever since you made the scene...", and makes use of Beatnik slang. Connie continually interrupts him, asking him to lend her his comb. When he finally asks her, "What's with this comb caper, baby?...", she says she wants him to stop combing his hair and kiss her. Kookie likes the sound of that, ending up saying, "Baby, you're the ginchiest!".

Lyrics. Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb
Kookie, Kookie?
Well now, let's take it from the top and grab some wheels
We're well along and talk about some cuckoo deals
But Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb
Kookie, Kookie?
Now you're on the way, miss, and I'm readin' you just fine
Don't cut out of here till we get on Cloud Nine
But Kookie, Kookie?
I've got smog in the noggin ever since you made the scene
You're the utmost
If you ever tool me out
Dead, I'm the saddest, like a brain
The very utmost
Kookie, lend me your comb
Kookie, Kookie?
Man, I got my British lighters and my flapsy-colored pen
You're gonna send me to that planet called
You know it, baby, the end

Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb
Kookie, Kookie?
If you ever cut out, you might be a stray cat
'Cause when I'm flyin' solo, nowhere's we're on that!
Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb
Kookie, Kookie?
What's with this comb caper, baby?
Why do you wanna latch up with my comb?
I just want you to stop combing your hair and kiss me
You're the maximum utmost
Well, I'm beat and I'm dreams goin', I'm movin' right now
'Cause that's the kind of scene that I dig
Baby, you're the ginchiest!

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I watched the movie, “Dunkirk” tonight. Harry Styles, who sang with the band One Direction, plays British Army private Alex, and does a good job. It is a well done movie and riveting.

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We just started watching “Outlander” on Netflix. I believe it was first broadcast in 2014 and there are many seasons of it. A lot of names from the Star Trek franchise had a hand in this!  Wow. It is gory and it is x rated sexy. But the stars are excellent and the stories are first class. So, do you want to know what it was like in Scotland in the 1700’s? I dinna recommend you watch an episode after 10 pm. You will dream about it laddies and lassies. And you might want to have sex.  

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The theme to Outlander is the “Skye Boat Song” and it is a good version.  But the best is a duet by Roger Whittaker and Des O’Connor from 1986, on the album Shenandoah.  Roger does a bit too much of his famous whistling but about a minute and half in Des O’Connor begins to sing . . . and the rest is history. It is the best version ever. Peter  

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I hereby withdraw my recommendation to watch “Outlander.” It was always violent but around the 13th or 14th episode the violence and long, drawn out sadism became overbearing. Realistic torture and sadism dominate and it is disgusting. I told someone who had seen all the episodes about my thinking and without giving anything away they said it doesn’t get that bad again.

edit. The first critic I came to when looked on the web said he was paid to view otherwise he might not. He gives away a lot of spoilers but I will only say sadism, sadism, sadism, and rape after rape after rape occur, so it may get worst from the last episode I watched.

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I just wanted to mention that we started watching Outlander again and it hasn’t been so bad. They are in France and so far they have been relatively decent shows with beautiful houses and lush, green backgrounds. I won’t give anything else away.

I may have mentioned this before but on another front I wanted to congratulate Jimmy Fallon on the new Tonight Show theme. It reminds me of the theme song to the TV show, The Odd Couple.   

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6 hours ago, Peter said:

I just wanted to mention that we started watching Outlander again and it hasn’t been so bad.


Kat's been watching Outlander. I haven't. She was liking it. But then Sean hoodwinked her into watching Once Upon a Time with him. So she'll have to get back to Outlander after that's over. No time for more. [EDIT: Oops, she saw it all and stopped because they stopped making it due to the virus. She just now told me some parts were great, but others were not good because they went way too much overboard.)

I, myself, tried to get into these fantasies. But I think I like shootouts with guns and explosions and chase scenes in vehicles more. :) 

Actually, storytelling-wise, I saw Homecoming recently and it was one of the most interesting series I ever watched. (Only half-hour episodes, too.) Not the first season (with Julia Roberts), which was based on a narrative podcast and good, but the second. This second season was a palindrome with a most satisfying ending, but you have to see the first season for it to make proper sense. There was even a bit of SJW shit in it and I didn't mind since they did it right and showed it, but kept it out of the real story.

I am going to watch both seasons again. The writers of that series really know how to set up plot twists.

The only real complaint I have is they did some artsy-fartsy thing at the end of each episode and lingered on a background scene for several minutes where nothing happens. Like a road at night and a car sporadically passes by. Things like that. They really did that.

It's supposed to be profound, I guess, since amnesia is involved in the theme. But it came off to me as a bullshit way to tell the story. (In other words, it's great to use symbols, but don't make symbolism itself the story.) Happily, once that ending nothingburger starts, you can simple turn it off and go to the next episode. 


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