“When Matter Touches Antimatter” in Minneapolis


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Just heard that a song of mine will be performed on March 11 in Minneapolis! (The song was premiered in Austin and is slated for a Chicago performance.)


We are pleased to inform you that we have selected your piece, “When Matter Touches Antimatter,” to be performed at our New Arias on Tap performance on Sunday March 11th at Honey in Minneapolis, MN at 6:30 pm. Please let us know if you’re able to be present at the performance.

I’ll be sending out a separate e-mail to introduce you to the singer performing your piece. The rehearsal dates with our accompanist are are Sunday March 4th in the afternoon and Monday March 5th in the evening. Once we’ve worked out a rehearsal time we’ll let you know and you can let us know if you’re able to attend in person or via Skype/Google chat/Facetime. In the meantime, if you could please e-mail the following:

… [photo, bio, etc.]

Thank you for being a part of our collaboration! We look forward to working with you!

Eryn Tvete
Managing Director
Opera on Tap Twin Cities

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On ‎2‎/‎4‎/‎2018 at 11:49 AM, Jonathan said:

Yes. No one seems to care about the game, but all of the other events are really rolling -- parties, concerts, BBQs, carnivals, festivals...

Pats or Eagles? Who cares.

I heard two celebratory? shots just after the Eagles won. Tracinski is predicting the death of football because of damage to the head and he may be right. Pop Warner football is on the way out. And High School football may be next. 

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Whoops! Didn't see these responses. Just as I score a Minnesota performance, the city is in the news for another, double 'scoring' event! FWIW, I don't follow sports at all.

I don't mind. And thanks to Jonathan--even though I was horrified at the name-calling and insults in that so-called 'Love' thread that even led to a banning! 

I will soon post a recording of an earlier performance of the song that took place in Austin. 

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Here is audio of a previous performance in Austin (I wrote it for soprano, but a tenor sang it here): 



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The next two performances, in Chicago and Minneapolis, will be hosted by two other different organizations.

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Sorry, above I had said 'Jon' but I meant 'Jonathan.' I've corrected.

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  • 1 month later...

The concert has taken place! Of course, I wasn't there. I wonder if there will be any newspaper review, as there was for the Austin performance of this song by One Ounce Opera.

Opera on Tap, which hosted this show, did make this announcement later the same evening:

A huge thank you to all of the composers, singers, librettists, and our stellar accompanist Emily Urban for being a part of our New Arias on Tap performance tonight. What a show!!! Bravi!!!!

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Success! I asked the singer, Aliese Hoesel, how the performance went and she replied:

Hello, Rodney!

Yes, the performance went quite well! The audience was full of interested and appreciative art goers! I got lots of positive feedback on your piece from people after the show. Your work was a hit! Thank you for the opportunity to sing it!


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