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Postmodern Logic

If you have the patience, watch this interview below. It's painful (and Jordan is not the one causing the pain :) ).

If you had a dollar for every time Cathy Newman said the phrase, "So you're saying..." right before she mischaracterized a thought of Jordan's, which he corrected, you would walk away from this video with a hefty little sum.

The following meme sums it up perfectly.



But just for fun, someone out there on the Internet put audience sound effects to Jordan's gotcha. At first I didn't like it, but after the first 3 seconds I did. :) 

Folks, we are in the age of the postmodern interview.

Pretty soon interviews will reach the following stage:

HOST: So what do you think about the tax plan?
GUEST: Elbow.
HOST: You mean the patriarchal inputs are destroying the planet?
GUEST: I like Ayn Rand.

To thus we are heading.



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