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Adam Selene (Reprise)

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We had an earlier thread when he stepped away in 2010.

The "Allen Cappellazzi" connection was repeated there. Usernames and screen names are common online, and have been since the days of 8-character logins. Beyond that, we get to protect our identities, or did in an earlier time. You have to be pretty assertive these days to avoid being doxxed by anyone who wants to know who you are and then tell everyone else in the world. The other side of the coin is that we pretty much take people as we find them in whatever context. So, I post here as Syrakusos, but, as you can see, I attach that to my real name via the signature block.  

I think that the best spoof was "Jerry Biggers" who used a picture of Orson Welles from The Third Man. 


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