Some Deep Swamp comes up swinging

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Some Deep Swamp comes up swinging

Look at this crap.

Just look at this crap. From The Daily Mail:

George W. Bush comes out of retirement to throw shade at Trump as he denounces 'bullying and prejudice' in politics and praises the value of immigration

All during President Trump's election process, I harped on and on about the difference between words and deeds. President Trump built things. Other candidates and politicians talked things. And the mainstream press tried to crucify Trump over and over about his words while ignoring his deeds--and often outright lied about his deeds.

Now, here's a beaut in our modern culture. Notice that former President Obama, while in office, couldn't let a day go by without bashing George Bush the younger. Everything wrong in Obama's world was due to Bush. The economy he inherited was Bush's mess. All foreign policy problems were Bush's fault. And on and on. Not a day went by without some whining of that nature. for all eight years.

And what did former President Bush have to say?

Not... a... peep...

All eight years.

Not... a... peep...

He was moral. He was a Texan gentleman. He was above it all. He didn't want to get in the way of a duly elected president. Yawp yawp yawp.

Do you know why? Because Bush is a Deep Swamp Creature and Obama is a Deep Swamp Creature. Both are on the globalist path. And both know that words without deeds don't mean much.

Now, how about President Trump? He says some harsh things about former President Bush, but only mentions Bush sporadically. Yet here is Bush climbing out of his deep silent muck to sound off against Trump--in leftie terms at that (bigot racist yawp yawp yawp).


Because President Trump is doing stuff. Just like he did stuff instead of talking about it during The Apprentice, which was famous at the time for diversity (look it up). Trump had a lot of different minorities showcased as executives and this was one of his audience draws.

Now, in government, President Trump continues doing stuff. He is taking apart the globalist plans and efforts brick by brick and replacing them with productive policies that are good for normal American people instead of just the elitists.

Do you want an indication? There are many, but here is a good one. A big issue a few months ago--March to be exact--exploded when the Dow broke 20,000 for an all-time high on the stock market. And now? A couple of days ago it broke 23,000 and still goes up every day.

I could list a bunch of other things.

Former President Obama merely had harsh words for former elitists, but he kept their money and power con games running. President Trump is doing deeds--ones that mean less money and power for  elitist globalists and better living for all other Americans who want to make productive efforts (and even needy ones who don't or can't).

Suddenly the Swamp swirls in commotion...

Out come Deep Swamp Creatures (Bush and Obama) and lobby forth harsh words.

Yawp yawp yawp...

President Trump looks at it, yawns, then gets back to work.

It's a words versus deeds thing.


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I know this in particular has to be sticking in former President Bush's craw:

This Is What Victory Over ISIS Looks Like

President Trump did that quickly, without the Deep Swamp padding defense contracts, without nation rebuilding, in partnership with other Islamic countries, and on and on. He resolved the problem of the ISIS caliphate. There's still work to do in eradicating Islamist terrorism, but in the words I read recently (I can't remember where and I paraphrase), he turned ISIS into a massive graveyard.

What's more, that report is from the New York Times of all things. But, to stay true to form, they praised the victories over ISID, but did not mention the word "Trump" once. Still, the images are stunning.

I bet Bush is livid with this. He wants President Trump to fail, not win victories.


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Dem Rep. Frederica Wilson: "Insensitive" Trump Told Soldier's Widow He "Knew What He Signed Up For"

Here's the video if you can stand the demagoguery. I could only watch half of it. These people are disgusting. Anything to bash President Trump, even claiming he called Myeshia Johnson, the pregnant widow of Army Sgt. La David T. Johnson, to crack jokes about her husband's death.

And everyone on Morning Joe are in pure phony-baloney sanctimoniousness mode in that video.

Does it make any sense to anyone other than these boneheads that a US president would call the next of kin of a fallen soldier to mock him? You have to hate President Trump a lot to believe that, and, frankly, be missing some screws and circuits in your head. Either that or you have to be bad on the inside. Real bad... Power-mongering bad...



General Kelly had a different take than the petty Congresswoman. He was stunned by what she said and poured out his heart about it. He had nothing but praise for President Trump. 

From Breitbart:

Gen. John Kelly: ‘Stunned’ After ‘Empty Barrel’ Frederica Wilson Politicized President’s Phone Call

btw - After his statement to the press, it's hard to find the spin of the boneheads about President Trump's call to the soldier's widow on any news feed. Oops, says the fake news programmers...

Former President Bush and former President Obama are currently bashing President Trump and it's most likely because of this case. Even they are getting it wrong. Friggin' Deep Swamp Creatures...


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Here's a comment from one of O-Land's finest independent voices, Dr. Michael Hurd.

One of America’s Worst Presidents Ever Now Lectures Trump Supporters

From the article:


Poor George. What a sap. He thinks he contributed something to America while in fact he was one of our nation’s worst presidents ever, the one most responsible for the rise of Obama. We’re in the mess we’re in now largely because of people like him. The idea of George W. Bush lecturing people on Donald Trump is laughable.

Bush is not speaking to Republicans, conservatives or anyone like that. He’s desperately trying to gain the approval of the elite Democratic and European left who will never accept him. He’s a loser, not only because he failed as a president but because he never stood for a credible thing in his life. He squandered and bungled a historic opportunity to truly defend America in one of its darkest hours immediately after 9/11/01. We’re stuck with his sorry legacy, and we should be the ones lecturing him.

Normally, Dr. Hurd is more polite than this.

I kinda like this new tone.



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There are some folks out there saying that this is one of the main reasons for bringing out big guns like former presidents against President Trump.

After the release of the JFK assassination docs, let's see if they have a point.

When I commune with my inner conspiracy theorist about this, I get a serotonin bump like you wouldn't believe.



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